The Ancestry of Albert Caswell Metts, Jr.


Albert Caswell Metts, Jr.






Lineage and service certified by the General Society of Colonial Wars.

1. Joseph Bridger, Colonel. Paymaster General-Bacon's Rebellion, p. 174.

2. Thomas Godwin, Jr.. Colonel. Indian Wars, p. 170.

3. Reuben Long, Lt.. French and Indian War, p. 69.

4. Robert Pin, Lt. Colonel. Indian Wars, p. 186.

Lineage and service documented by societies indicated.

5. Thomas Godwin, Sr., Col., Indian Wars. (Society of Colonial Wars), p. 69.

6. Francis Mason, Lt., Virginia. {Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims), p.210.

7. Lemuel Mason, Colonel, Lower Norfolk Militia, (same as #6), p. 210.

8. William Lea (Leigh), Colonel, King and Queen County Militia. (SAC), p.196.

AMERICAN REVOLUTION Page numbers for proof.

Lineage and service certified by the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. (Asterisk. * means that the person is listed in the NSDAR Patriot Index.)

1. *Valentine Allen, NC Militia, p. 274—A.

2. *William Bethell, Captain, NC Militia, Moore's Creek, Yadkin Valley, p. 281

3. *Joseph Bonner, 6th Virginia Battalion, p. 96.

4. *George Cowan, Captain, Rowan County, NC, Militia, p. 164.

5. *Captain John Paul Froman, Sr. p. 104—P

6. *John Hodges, Old Ninety—six and Chaota Town, SC, p. 74.

7. *Andrew Kaigler, Jr., Lieutenant in Goodwin's SC Regiment, p. 299.

8. *'Reuben Long, Lt., 3rd Virginia Regiment, p. 70.

9. *Henry Mitts, SC Militia after the fall of Charleston, p. 15.

10. *James Nash, Virginia Artillery, p. 56.

11. *John Nash. Virginia Line, Infantry, p. 57.

12. *John Froman Overall, p. 104—C.

13. *John Oliver, North Carolina 10th Regt., p. 134.

14. *Reese Porter, NC 2nd Regiment at Eutaw Springs, p. 280—A

15. *Nathaniel Scales, Vernon's Company, NC Militia at Cross Creek, p. 262.

16. *Richard Stubblefield, Ensign, NC Militia, Guilford County, p. 286.

17. *Jesse Thomas, Virginia Line, p. 245. Served at Valley Forge.

18. *Job Thomas, Virginia Line, p. 245.

Lineage and service certified by the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, only. (Not by NSSAR)

19. *John Gray, New Eleventh Pennsylvania Regiment, p. 315.

Both NSDAR and NSSAR recognize so-called "Patriotic Service". These names have been proved to and approved by the NSSAR.

20. *William Allin p. 274—c

21. Agnes Cock p. 104—1

22. George Cock, Sr. p. 104—1

23. John W. Cock p. 104—1

24. *Joseph Henderson p. 190—A

25. *Gideon Johnson, Sr. p. 310—1

26. *Andrcw Kaigler, Sr. p. 298—2

27. *Ephraim Leath p. 104—S

28. *James McKay, Sr. p. 104—S

29. *Jonas Shivers (CS) p. 156

30. *John Pillow (CS) p. 238

31. Walter Anderson p. 80.

32. James Lea p. 198.

33. *Michael Suber p. 49.

34. *Rachel Suber p. 49.

35. *Ward Taylor p. 84.

36. *Joseph Twedy p. 104—2.

37. *Samuel Watt p. 284—A.

38. John Henderson p. 10—c.

39. James Nickells p. 284.

40. George Suber p. 47.

41. Hugh Bradshaw p. 279.

42. Joshua Callaway, Sr. p. 149.

WAR OF 1812

Lineage and service certified by General Society of the War of 1812.

1. Elias Taylor , SC Militia, p. 87.

Lineage and service documented, but not submitted for certification.

2. Reuben Nash, Lt. Col., SC Militia, p. 60.

3. Wiley Oliver, Creek Indian War. p. 125.

4. Abner Pillow, Major, TN Militia, p. 245.

5. Willis Shivers, Captain, GA Militia, p. 156.

6. Colonel Abraham Overall, p. 104—G



Lineage and service is documented, but these names have not been submitted to any society for certification.

1. Michael Albert Metts, Captain, Cavalry, p. 23.

2. William Oliver, Captain, 31st LA Regiment, p. 114.

3. William Reese Pillow, Corporal, TN. Wounded in Action, p. 249.

4. William Nathaniel Scales, Lt., MS. Died for the Confederacy, p. 270—D



1. Albert Caswell Metts, Sr., Major, Battery C, 14th Field Artillery, p. 35.



1. Albert Caswell Metts, Jr., Captain, Infantry, Europe , p. 37.



1. Albert Caswell Metts, Jr., Major, 23d Infantry, p. 37.



1. Albert Caswell Metts, Jr., Colonel, Infantry, USARV. p. 37.

Albert Caswell Metts, Jr. is a member of the following societies:

1. National Society Sons of the American Revolution - #118709 TX 4699.

2. Somerset Chapter, Magna Charta Barons - Emigrant ancestor, Edward Digges.

3. The Plantagenet Society - Emigrant Ancestor - Edward Johnson.

4. The Military Order of the Crusades - Hugh Magnus, A Leader of 1st Crusade.

5. Society of Colonial Wars - Ancestors, Joseph Bridger & Robert Pitt.

6. National Society Sons of the American Colonists - Col. William Lea.

7. General Society of the War of 1812. - Ancestor, Elias Taylor.

8. Jamestowne Society - #3691 - Colonel Joseph Bridger.

9. Family of Bruce Society in America - Robert Bruce, King of Scotland.

10. San Antonio Historical and Genealogical Society.

11. King and Queen County (VA) Historical Society.

12. Callaway Family Association.

13. Overall Family Association.

14. Order of Washington - Captain William Bethell.

15. The Sovereign Colonial Society Americans of Royal Descent — Robert the Bruce.

16. Colonial Order of the Crown - Hugh Magnus, A leader of the First Crusade.

17. Sons of Confederate Veterans - Captain Michael Albert Metts.

18. The Order of the First Families of Mississippi - William Kaigler.

19. First Families of Tennessee - Margaret (Peggy) Fleming Brown. John Pillow.


From the book:

"Metts Ancestors in America - The Direct Line". This book is available in the San Antonio Library and in the National SAR Library.





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