A Biography of Clarence Eugene Bell

Clarence Eugene Bell

It was in 1933 on August 27 that on Sunday morning just after 11AM that I was born. Since being the seventh child of ten I learned to respect others. My Dad Thomas Clifford DeAlva Bell was from line of farmers going back through East Texas, Alabama, and Eastern Tennessee to Augusta County VA. My Mother's side had a Dad with the railroad and was listed as Deacon on the cornerstone for the 1st First Baptist Church building in Runge, Texas. His Dad kept honey bees and was also an itenerant Minister for the Baptist and organized many groups in many rural areas. Thir Manlove name is found with Mark that was in Fredericks County Maryland Council for 1666. My mother Latta Aldine Manlove's mom was Laura Lee Box with Lewis and Young ancestors. The mother for Thomas was Lilla Emma Abernathy with McLemore and Halbert ancestors.

Thomas and Latta Bell had ten children with names of DeLva (f), Aldine, Jimmie Lucile, John Taylor, Anna Estelle, Eula Fay, Clarence Eugene, Luda Mae, Richard Dale and Dorothy Merle Bell. My birth was in Kenedy, TX as were most of the other children except for Eula Fay at Whitsett, TX and Dorothy Merle at Fowlerton, TX. Then the family began a series of moves from Kenedy to Fowlerton, Laredo, Freer and to Falfurrias which were all in Texas. I played football and had a small part in the senior play in high school finishing there. After high school I attended one term at the then TEXAS A&I COLLEGE OF ARTS AND INDUSTRIES while working at a Humble Service Station in Kingsville TX. Undecided about a career path, I worked for a time with E.V. McCollum with a family name of mine I discovered later. In three months in South TX the crew moved to Livingston in Montana and after six months on to Hardin Montana with me going along. Military Service in the Army came next at El Paso, TX, Ft Leonardwood MO, Parks AFB, CA, Elmendorf AFB near Anchorage AK and Utopia Base AK near the Artic Circle. I served fifteen months in Alaska between those two bases as a combat engineer. Our purpose was to build and maintain those bases since the Air Force was not fully organized then. On return to the lower 48 I finished my eight year commitment assigned to the inactive reserves.

Employment with Halliburton Cementing Company consumed most of the next eleven years where I became acquainted with most duties assigned. In 1966 a position at Kelly AFB in San Antonio, TX was accepted in aircraft structual repair that I performed for 28 1/2 years. The San Antonio Sons of the American Revolution is among several historical groups in which I am a member. These fill my retirement time.





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