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John Thomas DuPree


John was born in 1967 in Weslaco , TX to John Kyle and Lois DuPree. John's dad had a passion for history and politics; two passions that he quickly passed on to his son. The old man (as John affectionately referred to him) who was a veteran of World War II entertained young John with stories of his time in the Army Air Corps along with John's name sake John Thomas Munk. John's mother Lois also shared stories about her brother Melvin Bourne who earned a purple heart during the Battle of Bulge while serving in the 3 rd . Army under General Patton in World War II.

John's passion for the history of the American Revolution began in High School when he was first exposed to the writings of the revolutionary period in High School English class. John quickly became intoxicated with words of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine. In his college years, while most of peers kept posters on their walls of rock stars, pictures of Jefferson and Monticello adorned the walls of his room.

John joined the San Antonio Chapter of the SAR in 2006 after proving his lineage to Mathias Clark who was a 1 st . Lieutenant in the 1 st division of New York , from June 28 th . 1775 to January 1776.

John graduated in 1991 with a BBA degree in Accounting for the University of Texas Pan American . In 1999, He graduated from the Sam Houston State University with an MBA. Today, John is now a CPA and an Audit Manager with Carneiro Chumney & Co. in San Antonio . He is married to his wife Karen of 13 years. Their daughter Aimee is 10 and is a member of Children of the American Revolution.





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