A Biography of William Chacon Salinas

COMPATRIOT William Chacon Salinas


WHEREAS, The hand of death on March 9, 2008 entered our ranks and removed from our midst, COMPATRIOT William Chacon Salinas, our venerable and esteemed brother in arms, and

WHEREAS, COMPATRIOT Salinas was born on February 14, 1921, Valentines Day, in Houston, Harris County, Texas.  He was the son of William Salinas and Louise Chacon, whose ancestors were both Revolutionary Patriots and Early Tejas Settlers.   During most of his lifetime COMPATRIOT Salinas resided in San Antonio. A memorial service was held for him on March 13th at the Brookehill Funeral Home in San Antonio following which, his earthly remains were placed at eternal rest at the Fort Sam Houston Federal Cemetery.

WHEREAS, by virtue of the proven patriot service during the Revolutionary War of his ancestor Francisco Manuel Salinas, by Providing Horses to the Continental Army, and

WHEREAS, COMPATRIOT Salinas successfully proved his direct lineage from each of the above patriots, and was admitted to membership in the American Society, Sons of the American Revolution as member number 129798 and simultaneously was granted membership in the Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution, member number 5834,  and

WHEREAS, COMPATRIOT Salinas was an active member of the San Antonio Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, and during that time participated in the activities of the chapter, thereby contributing to its success, and

WHEREAS, COMPATRIOT Salinas was also an active member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas, Travis Chapter; the Canary Island Descendants Association; and the Order Granadero’s de Galvez through all of which he also promoted patriotism and honor, and 

WHEREAS, COMPATRIOT Salinas  was also a man of God, having attended services at Saint Leo’s on South Flores in San Antonio, and 

WHEREAS, COMPATRIOT Salinas attended Tech High School leaving in his Senior year to fight in World War II  and was during his lifetime a Army Air Corps Gunner and then an aircraft painter at Kelly Field, having retired after 25 years prior to his demise, and 

WHEREAS, COMPATRIOT Salinas left surviving him his loving and devoted family: his wife Diane; daughters Aurora Martinez and Julie Salinas Toscano; stepsons Armando and Gerald Salinas, Rock Anthony Harrison; sisters Angela Salinas Fernandez and Carmen Salinas Maldonado; eight grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren of San Antonio to whom we express our deepest sympathy on their respective loss, and 

WHEREAS, upon his death, our country and state lost a loyal citizen whose devotion never faltered.  He was one of the most zealous and faithful defenders of the principles for which our patriotic ancestors fought in the battle against the British for American Independence.  In his quiet and unassuming way he did much to promote the progress and development of his country and the happiness of those around him.  He was a good, quiet and modest person and enjoyed the respect, esteem and admiration of all who knew him.

 NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the San Antonio Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution as follows:

 FIRST:   That this chapter has lost a loyal and devoted member.  To his family and friends we express our thanks for sharing his life with us and extend our profound condolences at his passing from our ranks.

 SECOND:  That this country and state have lost and honorable, upright and honest citizen, who was always ready to spend his life and give his service for that which he believed to be right and for the best interests of his country and state.  To that end we dedicate ourselves anew to the continuance of the service to the country which his lifetime so well performed.  We further Resolve that we are pledged again to cherish, maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, to foster true patriotism and love of country, and to aid in Securing for mankind the blessings of Liberty.

 THIRD:  That for the purposes of perpetuating the memory of his life and fidelity to the purposes of the Sons of the American Revolution, and his steady devotion to duty, duplicate copies of this Resolution shall be entered into the minutes of this chapter, which he loved so well, and delivered to his family.  The Resolution will also be read to chapter members attending a regular monthly meeting and will be displayed on the chapter Internet web page.  The Resolution may also be submitted to the Texas Society for publication in a future edition of The Texas Patriot, it s magazine.

 FOURTH:   That a duplicate of this Resolution shall be bound together with other similar Memorial Resolutions of the San Antonio, Texas Chapter, Sons of the American  Revolution into a minimum of four books.  Copies of this book will be donated to:
   1. The Family History Library, Church of the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
   2. The San Antonio, Texas Public Library
   3. The National Library of the National Society of the Sons of The American Revolution in Louisville, Kentucky
   4. Chapter Genealogist, San Antonio Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution.




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