A Biography of Ambrose Rucker


A Biographical Sketch of
Lt. Col. Ambrose Rucker
(Ancestor of Col. Joseph M. Ware, San Antonio Chapter)

Colonel Joseph M. Ware is a direct descendent of Ambrose Rucker, a Member of the Committee of Safety; Virginia House of Delegates; Committee on Propositions and Grievances; Lt. Col. Battalion Cmdr, Va. Militia.

Ambrose Rucker was born about 1725 in Orange County , Virginia, one of the twelve children of John Rucker and Susannah Coghill. On the death of his father in 1742, he inherited approximately 5000 acres in Albermarle County and around 1760 he took up residence in that part that became Amherst County the following year. He was then appointed Lt in the Virginia Militia. He was a substantial citizen of the county and when relations with England worsened, was appointed to the Committee of Safety and to the Virginia House of Delegates.

When the War broke out he was appointed Captain of Militia. His company guarded some of the thousands of British and Hessian prisoners from Saratoga that were held at Albermarle Barracks. Later he was promoted to Lt Col and commanded a battalion. In 17xx, while attending the House of Delegates meeting in Charlottesville, he narrowly escaped capture by the infamous Tarleton and his Dragoons. Ambrose, although he was 6' 6" and weighed 303 pounds, outran his pursuers while mounted on his sturdy hunter .

Ambrose could have been said to had a "good war" but it was marred by the loss of his oldest son, Reuben, killed in action in the last year of the war. I am descended from Reuben's daughter Rosamund, a girl of three when she lost her father. Ambrose died in 1807.





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