A Biography of Benjamin Lewis Dulaney

Benjamin Lewis Dulaney

Benjamin Lewis Dulaney, was born in Culpeper county, Virginia, sometime in the month of November 1757. Twenty years later, he volunteered under Capt. James Pendelton under the command of Col. James Barbour's regiment. They marched to join Gen. George Washington in Pennsylvania. It seems the British had occupied Philadelphia.

Benjamin returned to Culpeper after three months. He again volunteered for 3 months, and returned to Culpeper. He did this for a total of 7 times! Ben was a scout, and one time came upon a group of 36 wounded men, he left and obtained help for them. He was engaged at Petersburg, the Siege of Yorktown, and served under the command of Gen. Lafayette near Richmond. He was an orderly sergeant for 8 months, guarding prisoners in Albermarle county.

Benjamin finally left the service in 1780, returning to Culpeper county. He had married Judith Barnes, and they were the parents of 8 children. The Dulaney family moved to Sullivan county, Tennessee in 1803. Judith died in 1838, and Ben died on August 18, 1839. They are buried in the Old Blountville Cemetery, there in the valleys and hills they so loved.

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