A Biography of James Brady

James Brady


James Brady fought in the American Revolutionary War from 1778 to 1782 as a Private in the Cumberland County, PA militia. His father was an Ulster - Scot immigrant from Ireland, so it could be expected that his sons would be more than ready to serve for any cause against the King of England. Six of the seven brothers (likely all seven) fought in the American Revolutionary War, two with the rank of Captain and the others as Privates.

After the war ended, James Brady moved further West to Indiana County, PA. He was a surveyor along with his older brother Samuel. They were commissioned and paid by the Govemor to survey a number of tracts in Westem Pennsylvania. James Brady eventually settled in East Mahoning Twp., Indiana County as a farmer. He was married to Rebecca Young and as was normal for the time, they raised 5 sons and 4 girls, all likely living in a 18' to 21' square one room house. His sons would once again fight for American freedom from British rule in 1812.

James Brady died in 1818 in Indiana County, PA. He is buried in the old Gilgal Presbyterian Cemetery where the SAR marker was set on June 19, 2009. The SAR marker was placed parallel to the surface in front of the gravestone. Proper care was given in the placement, patriotic thanks, and the Pledge of Allegiance recited, then thoughtful prayer was given. In that the cemetery is somewhat a remote location from the nearest SAR chapter, a color guard was not able to attend the placement. The gravesite GPS location is Lat 40° 49' 16.7461" N by Long 79° 3' 36.3599" W.





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