A Biographical Sketch of
Patriot James Seymour

James Seymour


Born 26 May 1752 in Norwalk, Connecticut

Died 11 December 1534 in Norwalk, Connecticut at age 82

Son of John Seymour - 1710 - 1796 and Ruth Belden - 1710 - ????

Married Rebecca Keeler (1792 - 1840) in 1774. They had nine children, the one born in 1792 was "killed by the Indians".

James Seymour enlisted July 20, 1776 in Captain Seth Seymour's Company in Lieutenant Colonel John Mead's Connecticut regiment; on August 20, 1776, he was appointed Quartermaster in that regiment; was in the retreat from New York City and served over two months. He enlisted September 27, 1776 and served until March 1, 1779 as Quartermaster with the Connecticut troops under Colonel Mead and Colonel Stephen St. John.

He enlisted March 1, 1779 in Captain Ozias Marvin's company in Colonel Stephen St John's Connecticut Regiment, and was in the engagements when Norwalk and Fairfield were burned and served one year. He enlisted March 1st, 1780 and served until the first of January, 1783, in Captain Uriah Raymond's company in Colonel Stephen St. John's and Mead's Connecticut regiments.





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