A Biography of John Chenoweth

John Chenoweth

Compatriot John Jay Orr - Born 1935 in Chicago, Illinois
Descendent of John Chenoweth (1755--1831)*
Son of Jay Clem Orr and Kate his 2nd wife.
Grandson of John Jay Orr and Alice Lucy Clem, his 2nd wife.
Gr .-Grandson of George Morgan Clem and Melissa E. Goddin, his wife.
Gr.- gr.- Grandson of Jefferson Goodin and Rachel Chenoweth, his wife. Gr.- gr.-gr.- Grandson of Robert T. Chenoweth and Edith Skidmore, his 2nd wife.
Gr.- gr.-gr.-gr.- Grandson of John Chenoweth and Mary Pugh, his wife.

John Chenoweth served for two years as a Private and Corporal under Captain Abel Westfall--8th Virginia Line, and Continental Army Service under Colonel Peter Muhlenberg's Regiment. He fought in the Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania on 11 Sept 1777 with Colonel Abraham Bowman's 8thVirginia Regiment. On 4 Oct 1777 the regiment was taken prisoner at Germantown, Pennsylvania and sent to a British prison ship in Brooklyn, New York for conlmement. He was exchanged on 1 Aug 1778. At the end of his enlistment John, married Mary Pugh on 7 Jan 1779. To them would be born 10 children. In Oct 1781, he was drafted to help take Cornwallis, but arrived at Yorktown late. Cornwallis army surrenders on 19 October 1781. After that, he helped guard prisoners at Winchester (Fredericktown), Virginia. John and Mary moved to Randolph County ,Virginia, in 1792 where they built their permanent home. John was a blacksmith and a farmer spending the rest of his life in Randolph County. It was here he died at the age of 75 leaving a will naming his surviving 8 children and is buried with his wife in the Chenoweth cemetery, South of Elkins, West Virginia, known as Daniel's Graveyard.

* This listing does not constitute proof of lineage. Reference should be made to the "National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution " , Washington, D.C. (Original Application N°. 45329 Maude Louella Brownlee), and/or "National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution", Louisville, Kentucky (Supplemental Application N°. 167192 John Jay Orr).





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