A Biographical Sketch of
Patriot John Fulenwider
(Patriot Ancestor of Jerry Fulenwider)

John Fulenwider

John Fulenwider was born October 15, 1756. It is said he was a native of Switzerland, but there is no proof of this and indications are strong that he was born in Colonial America, the son of the immigrant Jacob Fulenwider who arrived in Philadelphia September 11, 1749.

John participated in the battle of Ramsaeur's Mill and the Battle of King's Mountain. The latter battle was the turning point for the Colonists in the American Revolution. John Fulenwider furnished supplies and rendered material aid to establish the independence of our country.

After the war John was attracted to LINCOLN County, North Carolina where he became one of the country's first manufacturers of pig iron from iron ore. He had many successes in life and died a wealthy iron manufacturer.

When he died, his body was buried at High Shoals in a large stone tomb and the slab covering it bears the inscription, "Sacred to the memory of John Fulenwider, who died on the 4th day of September, 1826, in the 70 year of his age."

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