A Biographical Sketch of
Patriot John Heath
(Patriot Ancestor of Edward Allen Heath)

John Heath

Patriot John Heath served for over nine (9) years in the struggle for American independence from Great Britain. Edward Allen Heath is a direct descendent of John Heath.

John (Heth) Heath was born about 1764 in Virginia. He joined the Virginia Continental Army as a "Cadet" at the age of 13. A Cadet was a member of the army but did not carry a gun, he could have served as a drummer or an aide-de-camp. He is listed in the muster rolls as having served under Capt. Charles Porterfield's Co., 11th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. Daniel Morgan - also known as "Morgan's Rifles".

His date of enlistment is January 1777. In 1778 he was stationed at White Plains and Valley Forge. He was paid under the name John (Heth) and also John Heath. His pay was six dollars per month. He later saw action in the Battle of Cowpens. He was discharged with the rank of Lieutenant in 1786. He was given a land pension in the Kentucky territory for his services in the Revolutionary War, but those records were destroyed by fire. As many soldiers did, it is assumed that he sold his land pension to land speculators. He married Margaret Moss from Virginia and moved to Tennessee with other families and friends from Virginia.

John Heath is listed in the Tennessee Volunteers muster rolls in the War of 1812, serving from 7th of October 1812 till the 8th of February 1814. There is no evidence that he saw any action.

He is listed in the 1820 census of White Co. Tennessee as head of family.

Early records have him settling in the central part of Tenn., along the Mine Lick Creek. He was among the first settlers in the region. White Co. was later divided, his property was now in the newly formed DeKalb Co. In 1843 John Heath's will is probated in Dekalb Co. - it is assumed he died in 1843. No death records were found. His wife Margaret died in 1849. John and Margaret had nine children,. Their second son, Richard Heath joined the DeWitt Colony and arrived in Texas on October 24, 1828, later to be involved in another fight for independence.





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