A Biography of John Strain


Private John Strain, North Carolina Militia


Compatriots Edward A. Ritchie, Douglas William Ritchie, Hudson Douglas Ritchie, Brett Derek Ritchie, and William Joseph Creeden are descended from Patriot, is John Strain, who was of Irish and Scottish ancestry, born in Orange County, North Carolina in 1759. By trade he was a harness maker.

His family in America dates back to 1715 in Pennsylvania and they were very active supporters of the American cause during the Revolutionary War.

Private John Strain was a member of the North Carolina Militia on and off from 1776 through 1781.

He was under the command of Captain John Woods and initially made harnesses for the militia. He served next under Captain William Williams where he marched to join General Butlerís Army at Haw River, North Carolina serving as a Scout (because of his familiarity with the territory) checking the movements of the British and Tories.

He saw action at the siege of Charleston, South Carolina where he lost both his wagon and horse and became a prisoner of war. He escaped and then served under Colonel Abishi Thomas and fought against British General Cornwallis and his Army at the critical battle of Guilford Courthouse in North Carolina.

At the end of the American Revolutionary War, he moved to the frontier of East Tennessee, residing in Washington County.

He later served as the Justice of the Peace and also participated in the meeting to establish the framework for the constitution of the proposed State of Franklin. He began receiving his pension, on behalf of his Revolutionary Military Service, in 1832, of $34.00 per year until his death at Jonesboro, Tennessee in 1840 where he is buried.





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