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Mathias De Clerk


Mathias De Clerk (Mathew Clark) was born in Tappan , New York October 24, 1739 on what is the North End of New York City today. The records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany NY , recorded a marriage between Mathias and Immetje Page on January 2, 1774. Many immigrants changed their names to more common ones and it seems plausible that the De Clerks changed theirs to Mathew and Emma Clark around the time of their wedding. Emma was born in 1752 and died on September 12, 1813 at 72. Mathew died a year later on December 14, 1814 at 72. Mathew and Emma spent their lives in the New York area and together they had nine children, five girls and four boys. Mathew served in the War of the Revolution as 1 st . Lieutenant in the 1 st division of New York , from June 28 th . 1775 to January 1776.

Mathew's service was not the only impact that the Clark 's had on the Revolution. Mathew's ancestor, Daniel De Clerk immigrated to New York in 1684 . In 1700 he built an imposing house using brick brought from Holland as ship ballast. That house served as Washington 's headquarters four times during the Revolutionary War. It was at the house built by Daniel De Clerk that Washington met the British Commander Sir Guy Carelton in 1783. Today, the house still stands and is a National Historic Site. In addition to building the house that would later serve as Washington 's headquarters, Daniel was a Captain of the Militia, a Justice of the Peace and in 1689 was a member of the New York Committee of Safety.

Additional note:

Below is a picture of the Dewint House built in 1700 by Daniel DeClark, a Hollander who emigrated to New York about 1676. One can see the black glazed bricks which mark the date of construction across the front of the building. The Carriage House in Tappan, NY., together with the surrounding grounds, comprise the George Washington National Historic Site. The property was acquired by the Grand Lodge of New York in 1932.

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