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Samuel Dedman was the fourth generation in Virginia, his great grandfather Christopher Dedman, whose earliest record is in York County, Virginia November 26, 1646. His father and grandfather were both named Philip. He was born about 1750 in York County , Virginia to Philip and Margaret Langston Dedman.

He married about 1771 Eleanor Howard who was born March 23, 1753 in Charles Parish, York County , Virginia . After the death of Samuel, Eleanor married Robert Wilson on June 9, 1794 and then David Walker Pettus on September 25, 1802 in Lunenburg County , Virginia . Elener Pettus made her will in 1821 and it was probated in Mecklenburg, Virginia on October 15, 1821. She was the daughter of Captain John, who died December 1, 1770 and Ann Howard, who died March 6, 1782.

Samuel became a surveyor in York County during the time war clouds formed for the American Revolution. Virginia lost its House of Burgess by an angry Lord Dunmore and the members met without official permission calling the First Continental Congress August 1, 1774 in Williamsburg and by June 1776 Virginia became an independent commonwealth.

Samuel's father died August 20, 1770 leaving Samuel land in Mecklenburg County, Virginia and Samuel moved his family to Mecklenburg between 1775 and 1779. He became a member of the Committee of Safety May 8, 1775. He is listed in Mecklenburg County as being a Gentlemen Justice and served as Major in 1781-82 and Lieutenant Colonel in 1783 in the County Militia . He served on the General Assembly from Mecklenburg in 1782. In January of 1784 he was nominated as surveyor and in July 1784, he was appointed coroner of Mecklenburg .

According to the pension records of Thomas Brandon, Colonel Samuel Dedman was at Yorktown with part of the Militia when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown .

Samuel Dedman's will was probated January 1790 in Saint James Parish, Mecklenburg County, Virginia. He left the following orphans: Philip, Howard, William, John, Francis, and Thomas Dedman. Larkin White married Elenor (Nellie) Dedman December 9, 1793. Elenor was born March 26, 1775 in York County, Virginia. Larkin White, probably the son of William White, was appointed guardian of Howard Dedman, Elenor's brother.


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