An Abbreviated Biography for Samuel Henderson (1737 1820)


My great, great, great, great grandfather's name is Samuel Henderson, one of five children born to Richard Henderson and Henrietta Henley in Hanover County, Virginia in 1737. The Henderson clan came to this country around 1650 from Scotland. Samuel married Mary Ann Waldrop( 1737-1828) in 1757, and they had nine children. Only a few years passed before they moved to Laurens County, South Carolina. Samuel would have heard the call to arms and wanted to serve this new nation in its effort to gain total independence from King George and England. And so, he served what was to become a new country in the Second Company, Second Regiment, South Carolina Militia.

He entered as a private on November 2, 1775 and fought in several ensuing battles. As a militiaman from South Carolina he did not serve continuously during the Revolutionary War, but served for short, very intensive periods of time, then he would return to his normal life. He was wounded while defending Charleston and found refuge in the home of a friend. It was here that he was nursed back to health and returned home. It is documented that he sold provisions to the effort. He raised cattle for the use of the various units both militia and Continental Armythat were involved in the war. In fact, he and several other citizen soldiers eventually had to petition the Continental Congress for payment of invoices submitted for cattle sales; the invoices were past due. However, he was paid 32d 7s 9 pence for his Militia service. We don't know if he was ever reimbursed for his sale of provisions to the effort. After some time, he finished his service with the South Carolina Militia with the rank of Lieutenant. His brother James served in the same Regiment as a Captain. Samuel died in Rutherford County, Tennessee at the age of 83. My blood line to Samuel runs from my father through his mother Sarah Lyon whose grandmother was Minerva Henderson.





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