A Biography of Stephen Hancock


Steve Hancock (1736-1824)


Stephen Hancock was born in Goochland Virginia in 1736; married Catherina (Kitty) Merchant and they had four children. Stephen and his brother William and families lived in Madison County Kentucky.

Stephen and his brother were both Salt Merchants. Stephens's son Robert Hancock wrote "that his father was about five feet - eight inches tall and weighed 160 Ibs". He also said "He was a bit bow legged but tough as nails". He also wrote that "My uncle William was about the same size but stood straight as an Indian".

Both Stephen and William moved with their families to Boonesboro Kentucky early in 1778 and became very close friends of Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone, Stephen and William Hancock were captured by Indians but were able to escape about the same time through different means, in time to return to Boonesboro to fight in the Siege of Boonesboro. The attack on Boonesboro was made by a large contingent of Indians, led by Chief Blackfish.

It was interesting to note, that Chief Blackfish had adopted Daniel Boone as his son during his capture. That's some story in itself!

The main reason those in the Fort was successful in defending it was that it rained during the entire Siege. The Indians favorite way of attack was to set the structure on fire but because of the rain they were not able to set the logs of the Fort on fire.

Stephen and his brother William served in Clarks Campaign of 1780-1782, and fought in the battle of Blue Licks. His son Robert Hancock also wrote, "Dad came close to being wounded as he had his hat knocked off by a bullet and one that went through his shirt sleeve".

Stephen was too old to fight in the War of 1812 and died in 1824 (88 years old) in Bonhomme St. Louis Missouri.

There are six generations of Robert Hancock's, which I found interesting and there were four generations that had only one male child to carry on the name.

There is more work that needs to be done on the Hancock genealogy. For example: the Cavanaugh's, the Thompsons and the Barrett families need to be researched for more Patriots in the Family Tree but, I am going to leave that for future generations of Hancock's.

*This information was compiled on 12 November 2012 by Robert Norquest Hancock, Stephen Hancock's 5th great grandson, with references to documents by Anne Crabb of Richmond, Kentucky.





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