A Biographical Sketch of
Patriot Thomas Gibbons III

(Patriot Ancestor of Clarence Eugene Bell)

Thomas Gibbons III


THOMAS GIBBONS III had Revolutionary War service as shown in North Carolina Revolutionary Accounts ( Vol.XII, 103). He also was in the VA line as a soldier. It is shown in the National Archive that Wm. Reynolds received on 9-11-1784 Lb 23-5, 8,D.5. for Thomas Gibbons (Vol. 175 p.45). Revised 1980 DAR #444859 Madge Mallory Griffith.

Thomas Gibbons was born 30 November 1734 as noted in the Charles Parish Register in York County, VA. His parents were John B. and Rebecca Gibbons. In 1778, he moved to the Holston Country (an older map labeled it the Holstein River). He settled on the North side of Highway US11W at Big Creek five or six miles up from Rogersville, TN.

The ACT of North Carolina Assembly, 6 January 1787 establishing Hawkins County, TN directed that the First Court be held at his house and appointed him as one of the three commissionares to build the court house, prison and stocks.

Thomas had married c. 1762 in Sussex County, VA to Ann Eppes born 15 September 1743 and daughter of Edward and Mary (Anderson) Eppes. This noted in Albemarle register. Children: Thomas Gibbons, Nancy Howard, Betsy Chisholm, Edmund Gibbons, William Gibbons, Sally Gillenwaters, and Epps Gibbons, Rebecca Bell. His death was by 6 April 1812. His will dated 13 June 1809. His Historic Marker IB IB on US IIW.

Thomas Gibbons is buried in Carters Valley, Hawkins County Tennessee.

FIRST FAMILIES of TENNESSEE certificate # 10661 confer membership under Thomas Gibbons III to Clarence Eugene Bell Nat'l SAR #124782, TX #5259.


MRS. REBECCA GIBBONS, the mother of Patriot Thomas Gibbons whose dad was John B. Glbbons supported the cause of the American Revolution furnishing provisions as necessary. Virginia Military Records from The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and Mary College Quarterly, and Tyler Quarterly provides records shown in a book by the Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc.

On page 543 is given paid William Mitchell for Mrs. Gibbons account for provisions furnished Sundry Companys on their March to & from Hampton. This dated November 15, 1775 for amount 16 19 4. On page 583 is given February 26, 1776 To cash paid Thomas Browne for Mrs. Gibbons for Sundrys to the Army....... 2 9 7 . Virginia Historical Magazine on page 62 shows for October 20, 1775 paid Thomas Browne for Mrs. Gibbons Provisions to Capt. Lyne's Company.

John B. Gibbons b. 11/22/1701 in Charles Parish, York County, Virginia d. Surry County VA married Rebecca (Rebecka) (nothing known of her line, d. Sussex County, VA. They had nine children Thomas III, John D. Young, John b. 1740, Rebecca b. 10/5/1744, Lawrence b. 6/7/1747, Mary b. 10/10/1748, Elizabeth, and Ann.

In June 1782 Gen. Washington was quartered at a place called Widow Gibbons, her place.

Rebecca's Will was probated in Sussex County, VA 12/21/1780. (Book C, p. 386).

John B. Gibbons Will was probated in Surry County, May 17, 1770 Book B or 73, p. 233.





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