The 2007 George Washington Commemorative 

Massing of the Colors and Salute to Our Armed Forces


President/Master of Ceremonies 



At the Washington Monument - - on the lower level - - check to see that the public address system is working, the podium and wreath are present.  The wreath should be placed at the ‘plaque’ in the center of the court.


Greet all those that will be participating / bringing greetings, clergy, etc. (The order of appearance is in the printed program - some will be members of the color guards.


Introduce yourself and welcome everyone to the  25th annual commemoration of Washington’s birth and salute to our Armed Forces.


The program starts when the color guards march down from the Hall of Liberty and are formed up at the monument court.


Make the following announcement as the massed color guards approach.


1.  Introduce each of the following as indicated:


a. INVOCATION -  The Reverend Victor M. Springer 

Chaplain, Sons of Liberty Chapter, SAR


b.  PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE -  Edgar Grover, former National Color Guard

Commander from the Kansas Society, SAR

Executive Vice President, California Society, SAR



Historian, California Society, SAR




a.   Lt. Col. Robert D. Ebert, President,  California Society, SAR


b.  Mrs. Anne Donahue-Lampman, State Regent, California Society Daughters of the American Revolution


c. Representing the Nation’s oldest hereditary military society, the Society of   the Cincinnati, is Dr. William Herbert Henry, Jr.   Colonel Henry is a direct descendant of a Continental Army officer who served throughout the   Revolutionary War, and who was an original member of the Society of  the Cincinnati.



The 2007 George Washington Commemorative 

Massing of the Colors and Salute to Our Armed Forces


President/Master of Ceremonies 



d.  Miss  Aimee Clayton  -  State President,  Children of the American


e. David Eaton State Governor - Society of Colonial Wars


f.  Mrs. Linda Moran former National President,  Sons of the American  Revolution Ladies Auxiliary


3.  WREATH LAYING Ceremony

Introduce Commander Charles R. Lampman, US Navy, Retired, National SAR Color Guard Commander -  He will Introduce: Bishop Louis Carlson, State Chaplain, California Society, SAR


  a. The Representatives of the Armed Forces will be joined by two guards with the wreath and march up to the monument


  b. The Bag Piper - The Rev. Gary Alan Dickey will play Amazing Grace


  c.      Trumpeter Jim Shadwick will play Taps.

4.  FLAG FOLDING CEREMONY.   Introduce: Lt. Col. David Smith, USAF and The United States Air Force Honor Guard will demonstrate the flag folding ceremony and explain why every move has special meaning.


5. MUSKET SALUTE - - The Salute is to the memory of George Washington and the fallen veterans of all our nations wars.  (Don Moran will handle the orders)

7. ARTILLERY SALUTE - Cap Cresap  of Lamb’s Continental Artillery will fire an artillery salute.


8. Pass in Review - the Massed Color Guards will march to the monument render a salute and return to the Hall of Liberty (Don Moran will handle).


9.  BENEDICTION - The Rev. Dr. Gary Alan Dickey will give the benediction.


Thank everyone for coming and remind them that next year’s Massing will be on Sunday, February 17th, same time, same place.