Minutes of the Executive Committee

San Antonio Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

April 17, 2008

Lion and Rose Pub, San Antonio


President Jay Higginson called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m. at the Lion and Rose Pub, Blanco and Loop 410. Members present included Compatriots Frank Rohrbough, Stephen Rohrbough, George Harcourt, Courtland Snyder, Harry Long, John Orr, Peter Baron and Reuben Perez. 


The minutes of the meeting on March 20th were approved with one correction. Paragraph F “Programs” under Committee Reports was changed to show Colonel Lisa Firmin as our Guest Speaker for April 23rd vice Mr. Peter Vande Putte.


Compatriot Peter Baron presented the Treasurers report noting a checking account balance of $6593.88. He noted that the fee for the maintenance of the Website was paid.


Old Business:


A. New Membership:

President Higginson stated that we have a new member to be inducted next week. He noted that Compatriot Taylor continues to work on new applicants and prospective members. He acknowledged the remarkable job Compatriot Taylor is doing. President Higginson called for members to seek new members for SAR. 


B.  Newsletter Editor Status:

President Higginson called for items to be submitted for the Newsletter to include a report on the TXSSAR Annual Meeting (in March) and the History Fair (April 5th) and the upcoming Pilgrimage to the Alamo (April 21st).


C. Report of Unpaid Dues:

President Higginson reminded the members that we needed to contact those members whose dues have not been paid renewed for 2008. He asked Compatriot Harcourt to provide a list of names so they could be contacted. Compatriot Frank Rohrbough provided the President the Chapter Membership Roster for 2008 that he picked up at the TXSSAR Annual Meeting in Arlington TX in late March.


D. Flag Program for the Dixie Flag Co.:

Compatriot John Orr gave a report on the 50th Anniversary of the Dixie Flag Co. and our presentation of a SAR Flag Certificate on the flying of the US Flag in front of their building. The Color Guard also participated in the opening ceremonies.


E. Documenting Chapter Service:

President Higginson noted that we needed to document and report on member service activities. Such activities include outreach events like visiting veterans at the VA Hospital and the Brook Army Medical Center and the Intrepid Center at Ft. Sam Houston and possibly greet servicemembers who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Compatriot Frank Rohrbough commented that we need to ask members to step up and become “Event Coordinators” to take the lead in setting up these events. President Higginson agreed to get others involved in these and other Chapter events. Such events need to be included in a Chapter Calendar that should be posted to the Chapter’s Webpage. 


Committee Reports:


A.      Awards:

Compatriot Baron presented three candidates for the Law Enforcement Award at the May Chapter Meeting. The Committee approved the presentation of two Awards – one posthumously to Patrolman John Anthony (Rocky) Riojas, SAPD and one to Patrolman Steve Bazany, SAPD.


B.  Color Guard:

Compatriot Frank Rohrbough reported that the History Fair at Frank Tejeda Middle School (April 5th) was a success. The Chapter had 8 members participate. Of special note were the presentations on the Revolutionary Flags (Compatriot John Orr), the weapons of the Revolution (Compatriot Peter Baron) and the uniforms of the Revolution (Compatriot Frank Rohrbough. Compatriot James Taylor gave his patriot ancestor’s accounting of the events of Lexington and Concord where the first shot of the Revolution was fired.


Compatriot Rohrbough noted that the Chapter would participate in the Pilgrimage to the Alamo on Monday (April 21st). He noted that we have other events coming up to include Granaderos de Galvez Ceremony at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery (July 4th), Cannon Salute to the Nation at Ft. Sam Houston (July 4th), “Let Freedom Ring” at the Alamo (July 4th) and other upcoming local parades.


He noted that other events being researched include Memorial Day (May 23rd) at Ft. Sam Houston and Flag Day (June 14th) in Fredericksburg, TX



Compatriot Snyder reported that 11 of the 34 ROTC Awards have been presented to deserving high school cadets. The remaining awards are to be presented before the school year ends.  


D.  Membership/Recruiting and Retention:

(See Old Business above)


E. Newsletter: 

(See Old Business above)


F. Programs:

Compatriot Perez reported that our speaker for the April 23rd Meeting would be Colonel Lisa Firmin, Professor of Air Science at UTSA. Planned speakers for May 28th include Chief McMannus, San Antonio Police Department and for June 25th Mr. Peter Vande Putte, Dixie Flag Co. 


President Higginson suggested that we consider having a Chapter Picnic in August at the Converse Community Center. He suggested that we target a Sunday afternoon and include all the spouses and families. The Center is well suited for this event and can be used without a fee.


G.  Veterans:

Compatriot Frank Rohrbough asked that magazines for the VA Hospital be brought in for distribution. He reported that 151 magazines would be delivered to the VA today (totaling 467 to date).


H.    Flag:

(See Old Business above)


I.  School Poster:

No report due to absence of Compatriot Bill Clanton.


Other Business:


A. SAR Pamphlets:

President Higginson reported that he has a source for printing our Chapter SAR Pamphlets for a nominal fee – 1000 colored copies for $230 and 1000 black and white copies for free.


B.  Speaker Gifts:

Compatriot Baron suggested possible gifts for our speakers. While the cannons are nice, he suggested a book “Soldiers of the American Revolution” authored by Don Troiani, a $40 value as a special gift for special guests.


C.  TXSSAR Speaker:

Compatriot Frank Rohrbough stated that he had spoken with Harry Fife, President of TXSSAR about speaking to our Chapter.  He stated that he would be pleased to do so. Compatriot Rohrbough suggested that we have him speak at our January 2009 Meeting and induct our new officers at that time.  The suggestion was accepted and will be confirmed with President Fife.



The meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.




Frank Rohrbough

Acting Recorder