Minutes of the Executive Committee

San Antonio Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

May 15, 2008

Lion and Rose Pub, San Antonio


President Jay Higginson called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m. at the Lion and Rose Pub, Blanco and Loop 410. Members present included Compatriots David Bowles, Frank Rohrbough, Stephen Rohrbough, George Harcourt, Courtland Snyder, James Taylor, Peter Baron, Reuben Perez, Harry Long, Joe Ware, Bill Clanton, and John Hollje. 


Compatriots Jim Massingill and John Orr were absent.


The minutes of the meeting on April 17, 2008 were approved.


Compatriot Peter Baron presented the Treasurers report noting a checking account balance of $6609.58. The report was approved.


Old Business:


A. New Membership:

Compatriot James Taylor stated that we have no new members to be inducted at our May 28th Chapter Meeting. He noted that he had two (2) applications returned for lack of source verification; 3 new applications were submitted; six (6) supplemental applications were submitted and two (2) applications were in the process. President Higginson called for members to seek new members for SAR. 


B.  Newsletter Editor Status:

President Higginson called for items to be submitted to the Editor Compatriot George Harcourt for the Newsletter. 


C.  Publicity:


Committee Reports:


A.      Awards:

Compatriot Baron reported that our awardees for the Law Enforcement Award at the May Chapter Meeting were set. Our awardees are Patrolman John Anthony (Rocky) Riojas, SAPD (deceased) – award will be presented to Mrs. Riojas - and Patrolman Steve Bazany, SAPD. Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough stated that the awards (with citations) are ready for presentation.


B.  Color Guard:

Compatriot Frank Rohrbough provided pictures of our participation in the History Fair at Frank Tejeda Middle School on April 5th. These pictures have been placed on the Webpage and will be placed on a poster board for our Chapter Meeting in June.

Compatriot Rohrbough noted that the SAR Color Guard would join the Boy Scouts for a Memorial Day Program at the Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery on Friday, May 23rd at 10:A.M.


He noted that we have several events coming up for Flag Day (June 14th) to include the Parade in Boerne (10:00 AM) and Flag Folding Ceremony in Fredericksburg, TX. More details will be provided at the Chapter Meeting on May 28th.  


Compatriot Rohrbough reported that we have three scheduled events on July 4th. We will join the Granaderos de Galvez Ceremony at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery (10:00 AM), participate in the US Army’s Cannon Salute to the Nation at Ft. Sam Houston (11:30 AM), and conduct our “Let Freedom Ring” at the Alamo (1:00 PM).



Compatriot Snyder reported that 29 of the 34 JROTC Awards have been presented to deserving cadets. The remaining 5 awards are to be presented before the school year ends. He noted that the Alamo Heights High School JROTC drill teams took first and second place in State competition and that Floresville JROTC unit was ranked in the top third worldwide. Compatriot Baron suggested that we recognize such units with a streamer that they could place on their unit flag. Members present agreed.


Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough reminded attendees that the Enhanced ROTC Award for Juniors needs to be promoted. We need to seek candidates at the beginning of the school year next fall.


D. Programs:

Compatriot Perez reported that our Chapter Meeting speaker for the May 28th will be Chief McMannus, San Antonio Police Department and for June 25th will be Mr. Peter Van de Putte, Dixie Flag Co. 


President Higginson suggested that we consider having a Chapter Picnic in August at the Converse Community Center. He suggested that we target a Sunday afternoon and include all the spouses and families. The Center is well suited for this event and can be used without a fee.


E.  Veterans:

Compatriot Frank Rohrbough asked that magazines for the VA Hospital be brought in for distribution. He thanked the members who brought magazines in today.


F.  School Poster Contest:

Compatriot Bill Clanton stated that he would contact a few Elementary Schools to seek posters for our Chapter and TXSSAR Poster Contest in 2009. Submissions will sought in fall and our winning poster will be sent to TXSSAR in early February 2009.


New Business:


A. Awards:

(See Committee Reports, Paragraph A.)


B. Chapter Events: (For more information, see Committee Reports – Paragraph B.)  

Compatriot Frank Rohrbough reported that the plans of the “Let Freedom Ring” Ceremony were well underway. A draft Program and News Release was handed out for review. Invitations have been extended to DAR and CAR Chapters. An invitation list is being sought from the Alamo Staff for DRT and SRT contacts. The Alamo City Community Marching Band will join us for the event playing music before and after our Ceremony. Compatriot Perez reported that he has not been able to get a commitment from Senator Jeff Wentworth’s Office to be our Keynote Speaker.


Compatriot Rohrbough reported that he had received the contract from The Alamo noting the cost for a podium; PA system and 100 chairs plus a fee for using the grounds would be $225. He asked for approval of these expenditures. A motion was made a passed. Compatriot Baron provided a check for the cost and President Higginson signed the contract. The documents will be mailed to the Alamo.


Compatriot Baron commented that we should approach DRT to see if we could have the fees waived in the future. 


This event will qualify the Chapter to apply to the Fiesta Commission to admission in Fiesta in 2009. An application will be prepared and submitted in August to the Fiesta Commission. 


Compatriot Harcourt asked if we planned to conduct the “Let Freedom Ring” Event at the Alamo during Fiesta and, if so, what are our plans for conducting a ceremony at the Alamo in July 2009? This matter will have to be addressed further by the Committee.


President Higginson announced that we are invited to the San Antonio Area Regents Council DAR 2008 Flag Day Luncheon at 11:30 A.M. on June 14th at Oak Hills Country Club All members are invited to attend.



President Higginson noted that the next EC Meeting will be held on June 19th and the June Chapter Meeting would be held on June 25th at Aldinos Italian Restaurant.


The meeting adjourned at 12:50 P.M.




Frank Rohrbough

Acting Recorder