Minutes of Executive Committee

San Antonio Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

November 13, 2008

Lion and Rose Pub – Blanco and Loop 410


Welcome:  President Jay Higginson opened the meeting at 11:35 AM and welcomed the attendees. Chaplain James Taylor gave the Invocation.



President Jay Higginson

President-Elect David Bowles

Vice-President Rueben Perez

Treasurer Peter Baron

Secretary George Harcourt

Compatriot Courtland Snyder

Compatriot Harry Long

Compatriot John Hollje

Compatriot Ed Heath

Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough

Compatriot John Orr


Committee Reports:


A.     Treasurer’s Report: Compatriot Baron provided a handout of the Treasurer’s Report noting the Guaranty Bank Checking Account balance for October 31, 2008 was $5,388.74 or &102.13 more than month ending September 30, 2008. A motion was made and seconded to accept the report as presented. The motion passed. A second motion was made and seconded to purchase a $1,000 Certificate of Deposit that would earn 4% interest for 1 year. The motion carried. Compatriot Baron asked everyone to submit their outstanding bills as soon as possible so the Account can be reviewed at the end of the year.

B.     Genealogist Report: Compatriot Taylor reported that he had 3 new application returned by NSSAR for further documentation. He expressed concern that the new rules passed by NSSAR in July at the Annual Congress could increase the applicant’s cost for gaining membership in SAR.

C.     Publicity Report: No report was given due to Compatriot Jerry Fulenwider’s absence. However, President Higginson stated that Compatriot Fulenwider has done a great job for us this year and he hoped that Compatriot Fulenwider would continue to serve as Publicity Chairman next year.

D.     Newsletter Editor: President Higginson stated that we still need a new Editor to replace Compatriot Harcourt who has perform valuable service to the Chapter but needs relief after many years of outstanding service. He asked committee members to search out a candidate.

E.      Programs Report: Compatriot Perez handout a draft schedule of our 2009 Chapter and EC Meetings.  He sought discussion about the possibility of realigning all Membership Meetings to the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Doing so would avoid confusion for members when the meetings are scheduled for the 3rd week in November and December from the normal schedule. A motion was made and seconded to present the scheduling change to the members at the Membership Meeting next week (November 19th). The motion carried.

F.      Awards Report: Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough reported that he would finalize the Heroism Awards/Medals that will be presented on November 29th at the “Battle of the Badges” Ice Hockey Game at AT&T Center (Fund Raiser for the police and firefighter).   

G.     Color Guard:  Compatriot Frank Rohrbough noted that our Chapter Color Guard would be needed at several events to include: 1) the “Battle of Badges” Ice Hockey Fund Raiser on November 29th at the AT&T Center at 7 PM, 2) the Joint SAR/DAR Holiday Luncheon at the San Antonio Country Club on December 13th, and 3) the George Washington Day Parade in Laredo on February 21st. 

H.     Knight Essay:  Compatriot Bowles is awaiting entries for the Contest from the Minnie Stevens Piper Found. Entries must be received by December 31st.

I.        ROTC:  Compatriot Snyder reported that he has 30 high schools and 3 universities lined up for his 2009 program. He seeks support from his committee members and any other compatriots to help make the award presentations throughout the year.

J.       Membership Report: Compatriot Harcourt handed out a current listing of membership in the Chapter.

K.    Newsletter:  Compatriot Harcourt noted that the next Newsletter would be sent out electronically by this weekend.

L.      Flag Program:  Compatriot John Orr commented that he has set up a Flag Program for December 16th at 7 PM at the Shavano Park City Hall. All members are encouraged to attend this ceremony, especially those who have Revolutionary Period Uniforms.


Old Business:


A.     Wreaths Across America: As part of the NSSAR Program, President Higginson announced that the Chapter would conduct a brief wreath laying ceremony at the San Antonio National Cemetery located at 517 Paso Hondo St. on December 13th following the Joint DAR/SAR Luncheon at the San Antonio Country Club. All members are invited to attend this event.

B.     Status of New Members: Compatriot Harcourt reported that he has several new members who need to be inducted. Compatriot Baron reported that Compatriot Kenneth Ward Pfeiffer would be attending the Chapter Meeting on November 19th. President Higginson will induct him during the meeting.

C.     Payment of dues: President Higginson reported that SAR dues should be paid by the end of November.

D.     Status of Snyder Scholarship: A new scholarship in the name of Compatriot Courtland Snyder will be established and funded by a donation at the December Chapter Meeting in the amount of $25,000 from Compatriot Ed Snyder, son of Compatriot Courtland Snyder. President Higginson stated that a committee is needed to establish the criteria for awarding a scholarship. Members who have agreed to serve include Compatriots Harry Long (Chair), Joe Ware, Jay Higginson, Courtland Snyder, Ed Snyder and Peter Baron.


New Business:


A.     Awards: See Committee Report above (Para F)

B.     Von Ormy Parade: Compatriot Baron stated that the new city of Von Ormy, TX (located on I-35 S just south of Loop 1604 and north of Lytle) was hosting a parade on Saturday, November 15th. The parade would begin at noon. He noted that he and any other member who wish to participate should be at the parade line up by 11:00 AM. Several members agreed to attend this event.

C.     Nominations of Officers for 2009:  Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough presented a draft slate of officer for 2009 election of officers. The Slate includes:

President:                  Compatriot David Bowles

President-Elect:         Compatriot Peter Baron

V/President:               Compatriot Rueben Perez

Treasurer:                  Compatriot Peter Baron

Secretary:                  Compatriot George Harcourt

Registrar:                   Compatriot George Harcourt

Historian                    Compatriot Jim Massingill

Chaplain:                   Compatriot James Taylor

Sgt at Arms:              Compatriot Frank Rohrbough

Genealogist:               Compatriot James Taylor

Chancellor:                Compatriot Bradley Stephenson

A motion was made to accept the Slate. The motion passed. The Slate will be presented to the membership at the November 19th Chapter Meeting; the Slate will also be announced in the next Newsletter. The election will be conducted at the December 17th Chapter Meeting.

D.     Report on Participation in Fiesta: Compatriot Heath reported that our application was denied by the Fiesta Commission. He reported that he had attended a meeting to get further information and was told that the Commission Board was seeking organizations to provide “more entertainment”.  We can reapply next year. We are still scheduled to conduct an event at the Alamo on April 20 at 1:30 PM. A committee will have to be set up to prepare this program. Compatriots Heath and F. Rohrbough will lead the planning of this event.

E.      Newsletter Status: President Higginson asked for the status of the newsletter. Compatriot Harcourt stated he was working on a short version for this weekend and a more comprehensive Newsletter in December/January. President Higginson thanked Compatriot Harcourt for his longtime service as Editor and asked all committee members to seek out a replacement for Compatriot Harcourt. He noted that we are long overdue in finding a new Editor. 

F.      Joint Meeting of SAR/DAR Holiday Meeting: President Higginson reported that members who plan to attend the Meeting need to send their reservations (and check) to DAR NLT December 5th.



Other Business:


A.     Next Chapter Meeting: Compatriot (Judge Ed Butler will be our guest speaker on November 19th. The committee agreed that a book on the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence would be presented to Compatriot Butler, but the book would be donated to the Frank Tejeda Middle School Library (the school hosts the History Fair each year). The book would have Compatriot Butler’s nameplate on it.

B.     History Fair: Compatriot Frank Rohrbough reported that we have been invited to participate in a History Fair at Frank Tejeda Middle School on April 4, 2009. This is a good event for us to spread the word about SAR. All members are invited to participate in this educational event.


Adjournment: President Higginson adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM.




Frank Rohrbough, Recorder