San Antonio Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution


Report of Official Activity or Event


Event Name                 Social/Pub Night


Event Type                   Special Meeting


Event Date                   Tuesday 10 February 2009; 1700-1930


Event Location Lion and Rose


Participating Compatriots

Max Strozier

Peter Baron

David Bowles

Jay Higginson

Steven Rohrbough

Santos Villarreal Sr (Patrick Henry Chapter)

Santos Villarreal Jr (Patrick Henry Chapter)

Rene Villarreal (Patrick Henry Chapter)



Harry Whitney (Prospective Member)



Supplements for Max 2 signed

Campbell’s SRT application signed


Transfer for Villarreal family

E.C. Snyder fund

Harry’s initial application

Villarreal supplementals


Patriot vignettes

DAR Patriot monument March 15th


Compatriot Making Report                   Peter Baron

Date of Report                                     Tuesday 10 February 2009



Chapter Use


Committee Chairman

Entered on Master Report