TXSSAR Nominating Committee Report

Meeting Date:  October 25, 2008 (BOM Tyler)

Representatives of seven chapters were present:

Panhandle Plains             Athens                 Cradle of Texas                 Bluebonnet

San Antonio                       Dallas                    William Hightower


The nominating committee recommends the following members unanimously, subject to floor nominations at the TXSSAR Annual Meeting in Nacogdoches in March 2009.

State President Hon. - Tom Lawrence                                    VP2 – William G. Harper

President-Elect – James T. Jones, Jr.                                       VP3 – George Harcourt

State Secretary – William M. Marrs                                          VP4 - John Knox

Treasurer – Peter McClellan                                                       VP5 – James Alderman

Staff Secretary – Dr. Don Pugh                                                   VP6 – J. Mark Hansen

Chancellor – Robert Clark                                                            VP7 – Allan Henshaw

Coastal Registrar – Art Hall                                                          VP8 – Ray Cox

Inland Registrar – Mike Radcliff                                                VP9 – Joe Bruce Barrett

Chaplain – Dr. Wendell Edwards                                               VP10 – Mike Everheart

Historian – Peter Baron                                                                 VP11 – Willie Walker

VP-Americanism  – Bud Schwart                                               National Trustee – Harry M. Fife*

VP1 – Dr. Ron Livermore                                                               Alternate National Trustee – William M. Marrs


*  By e-mail request received by the Nominating Committee Chair on February 9, 2009, State President Harry M. Fife withdrew his nomination for National Trustee so that he could be a candidate for SCD Vice President  General.  He expressed his wish that the current National Trustee (Nominating Committee Chair) continue “…one more year..” in that position, subject to the Nominating Committee agreement and floor nominations.


Respectfully submitted,  SP George T. West, Chairman

February 9, 2009