Minutes of Executive Committee

San Antonio Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

January 22, 2009

The Petroleum Club, 8620 North New Braunfels, Suite 700, 7th Floor


Welcome:  President Jay Higginson opened the meeting at 11:45 AM and welcomed the attendees.


President Jay Higginson

President-Elect David Bowles

Vice-President Rueben Perez

Treasurer Peter Baron

Secretary George Harcourt

Compatriot Courtland Snyder

Compatriot Harry Long

Compatriot John Hollje

Compatriot Frank Rohrbough

Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough

Compatriot John Orr

Compatriot Joe Ware

Compatriot Jim Massingill


Committee Reports:


A.     Treasurer’s Report: Compatriot Baron provided a handout of the Treasurer’s Report for the Year 2008 and for the current month. He noted the Guaranty Bank Checking Account balance for December 31, 2008 was $4154.20, down $2116.25 from a starting balance of $6270.45 on January 1, 2008. He explained that part of the difference was the $1,000 for the purchase of a Certificate of Deposit on November 11, 2008 at a rate of 3.75%. A motion was made and seconded to accept the report as presented. The Motion Passed. Compatriot Baron asked that all payments for meals for our Chapter Meetings be paid by check. Payments may be made each month, quarterly or the full year as preferred by the member.

B.     Historian’s Report: Compatriot Jim Massingill stated that he would pass compatriot vignettes on their patriot ancestor to Max Strozier for posting on the Chapter’s Webpage “Compatriots and Patriots Listing” that is being developed (see paragraph L below.) Links will be provided under the Compatriot’s name to the compatriot vignettes. He commented on receiving a “1783 Silver Dollar of the American Revolution” noting that members may purchase one for $49 plus shipping from GovMint.com.

C.     Publicity Report: Because Compatriot Jerry Fulenwider was absent, no report was available. However, President Higginson stated that he wanted information regarding the induction of new members’ be passed on the Compatriot Fulenwider for possible publication in local newspapers.

D.    Newsletter Editor: President Higginson again called for help from Committee members to find a new Editor to replace Compatriot Harcourt. With the election of new officers for 2009, Compatriot Harcourt agreed to publish “one more newsletter” following the January Chapter Meeting.

E.     Awards Report: Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough reported that the Heroism Award Certificate and Medal for Fire Engine Crew #7 had been framed and ready for delivery to the Fire House. Compatriot Baron will deliver it to the Crew. President Higginson asked Compatriot Rohrbough to do an inventory for all Chapter Medals and Awards and restock needed supplies. Compatriot Baron proposed that we establish an Eagle Scout Recognition Program to publicly recognize scouts for their achievement. He nominated Compatriot Higginson to oversee Eagle Scout Program. A motion was made and seconded to establish an Awards Committee Budget of $300, which includes $75 for scouting recognition, for this calendar year. The Motion Passed.

F.      Color Guard:  Compatriot Frank Rohrbough noted that our Chapter Color Guard has been asked to assist in Color Guard duties at the TX Society DAR State Convention on evening of March 14th at the Omni Hotel (Wurzbach at IH-10W) at 6 PM. He noted that we will join the TXSSAR Color Guard. He reminded attendees that everyone was invited to participate in the George Washington Day Parade in Laredo on February 21st.  The Parade begins at 10:00 AM. The Laredo Chapter which is hosting all SAR Members will provide a float and a luncheon following the parade. Compatriot Rohrbough presented a Color Guard Budget for 2009. He stated that four parade harnesses costing $156.95 had been authorized for purchase by the President were ordered from American Flag and Gift in Grover Beach, CA. The harnesses, which are needed for the George Washington Parade, were in shipment and expected to arrive on January 23rd. Following some discussion, President Higginson tabled any further action until the next EC Meeting. President Higginson asked that the Color Guard Commander plan for the conduct of a Flag Retirement Ceremony during the year.

G.    Programs Report: Working on behalf of the Chapter, Vice President Perez stated that he had submitted the nomination letter for Max Strozier to TXSSAR and NSSAR for his work on our webpage. He has made our Chapter Webpage an outstanding site over the last two years. Compatriot Perez noted that he was awaiting confirmation on Senator Jeff Wentworth’s availability for our February 18th Chapter Meeting. He stated that Compatriot Baron (speaking on Revolutionary period weapons) would be our backup should Senator Wentworth be unable to attend.

H.    Knight Essay:  Compatriot Bowles reported that he had received 28 applications from the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation but 27 failed to include an essay. One application did include an essay which is under review. Committee action is pending.

I.       Poster Contest: No report was provided due to the absence of Compatriot Bill Clanton.

J.      ROTC:  Compatriot Snyder reported that he has 30 high schools and 3 universities lined up for his 2009 program. He stated that he has some members lined up to make the presentations but is seeking the help of other compatriots who wish to participate. Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough asked if we have any “Enhanced ROTC Award” nominees. Compatriot Snyder said he received no nominations. Compatriot Rohrbough suggested that we work directly with the ROTC Program Directors at a couple of targeted high schools so that we can nominate one to TXSSAR next year.

K.    Flag Program:  Compatriot John Orr stated that he was working on several candidate organizations for recognition in 2009. Candidates being considered include Shavano Park City Hall, Salvation Army and Bible Study Fellowship. President Higginson suggest D.R. Horton be considered.

L.     Website: In the absence of Compatriot Max Strozier, Compatriot Baron reported on the progress he and Compatriot Strozier are making on posting the “Compatriots and Patriots Listing” on the Chapter’s Website. He noted that the project is a “work in progress”. Members are invited to review the pages on the Website.

M.  Membership/Recruiting: Compatriot Harcourt provided a listing of members noting that 28 had NOT paid their 2009 dues. Of that number, he stated that 5 members had just paid their dues this past week. He has emailed those still outstanding to remind them to pay their dues or they would have to pay a penalty fee to reinstate their membership.  Compatriot Harcourt stated he would prepare a Memorial Resolution for placement on our Webpage for Compatriot Tommy Richardson who recently passed away. Memorial Resolutions will be prepared for Compatriots Roger Bowles and Donald Knapp.


Old Business:


A.     George Washington Parade in Laredo: President Higginson remarked that the parade would be held on February 21st and invited all members to attend. (See Paragraph F above for more details.)

B.     Chapter’s Year End Report: Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough advised that the Chapter’s Annual Report has been completed and sent to TXSSAR (Chairman, CMA) and District VP (District #3 – Compatriot George Harcourt). Chapter President Higginson asked Compatriot Rohrbough to make copies for members attending the Chapter Meeting next week (January 28th). This will help members know the extent of our Chapter programs and activities for the past year and assist in the development of the Chapter’s agenda for CY 2009.

C.     Snyder Scholarship Fund: President Higginson and Compatriot Harry Long reported that the next meeting of the Scholarship Fund Committee would be held next week after the Chapter Meeting. Topics to be addressed include investment and targeting ROTC program in Bexar area schools.


New Business:


A.     Installation of Officer for 2009: President Higginson reminded attendees that TXSSAR President Fife would be attending our Chapter Meeting next Wednesday to induct our new Chapter Officers. Compatriot Harcourt stated that he would host President Fife and his wife Suzanne at his home and that he would host a social at his home (810 Wiltshire Ave.) on Tuesday (January 27th) evening at 6:30 PM. He has made reservations for dinner at Cappy’s Restaurant following the social. The Chapter will cover Fife’s dinner. Members who indicated they would attend the dinner will pay their own way.

B.     Change in Location for Chapter Meetings: Vice President Perez report on his meeting with the staff of The Petroleum Club outlining their fees and service for holding our monthly Chapter Meeting at the Club. The meal cost is $21.60 which include gratuity (no tax because of our tax exempt status). Members would be charged $23, which provides a cushion for guest speaker’s meals.  After reviewing the details and cost, attendees were given a tour of the Club. After some discussion, a motion was made and seconded to move our monthly meeting to the Petroleum Club effective March 2009. The motion passed.

C.     Legal Status of Our Monthly Drawing: President Higginson reported that our 50-50 drawings at Chapter Meetings do not conflict with state laws and that it is okay to continue our drawings.

D.     Event Record Form: Compatriot Baron reported that he has drafted a form for reporting various events we conduct each month. He requested each program chairman prepare this form and submit it each month so we can better track our events and who participates in them. This documentation will ease our preparation of the Chapter’s Annual Report to TXSSAR.  

E.      Participation in Fiesta: Compatriot Frank Rohrbough reported that we needed to firm up our plans for conducting an event at the Alamo on April 19th (Sunday) at 1:30 PM. This event will be evaluated by the Fiesta Commission at their fall meeting and where the Commission will determine if our program meets their needs. If so, we may be granted admission as a member of Fiesta.  He noted that to-date there has been little interest shown by the membership for putting on a program where we would have several members speak of their patriot ancestors and whose descendents fought and died at the Alamo. President-Elect Bowles remarked that he had some concerns about Chapter pulling off such an event and that he perceived a lack of willingness by our members to participate and support this event. He also stated that he felt that trying to gain membership in Fiesta as a fund-raising event may not be financially viable and felt this effort is not in the best interest of our Chapter. After some discussion, President Higginson called for a motion. A Motion was made and seconded to terminate our efforts to seek admission to Fiesta, to refocus our efforts to programs that we do best and are supported by the membership and to rethink our funding raising initiatives. The motion passed.  


Other Business:


A.     History Fair: President Higginson requested an update of our participation in the History Fair. Compatriot Frank Rohrbough reported that we have been invited to participate again in a History Fair hosted by Frank Tejeda Middle School on April 4, 2009. He stated that he would develop two questions that the students must learn to complete their History Score Sheet during the Fair. This event is a good way for us to spread the word about SAR. All members are invited to participate in this educational event.


Adjournment: President Higginson adjourned the meeting at 2 PM.


 Frank Rohrbough, Recorder