San Antonio Chapter #4 TXSSAR

Sons of the American Revolution


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


October 15, 2009

Lion & Rose Pub


I.              Call to Order

President David Bowles called to order the regular meeting of the Executive Committee at 11:50 A.M.


II.           Roll Call

The following compatriots were present: David Bowles, Frank Rohrbough, Stephen Rohrbough, Courtland Snyder, George Harcourt, James Taylor, Harry Long, Jay Higginson and John Orr.


III.         Approval of Minutes

President Bowles called for the review of the Minutes of September 10, 2009. A motion was made and seconded to approve them as written. The motion passed.


IV.        Treasurerís Report

President Bowles presented the Treasurerís Report for October 2009 on behalf of the Treasurer, Compatriot Baron. A motion was made and seconded to accept the report as presented. The Motion Passed.


There was some discussion about Ticket Raffle Fund and whether it should be continued. While the raffle has provided some general revenue to the Chapter, it was agreed that it is more effort than it is worth. A motion was made and seconded to discontinue the raffle and roll the Ticket Funds ($268.50) into our General Account. The Motion Passed.


V.           Old Business

a.    Granaderos de Galvez Meeting. At the request of the president, Compatriot John Orr attended the Granaderos National Meeting at the Menger Hotel on September 19th. He gave a 10 minute talk concerning the events that brought the Spanish Viceroy of New Spain to support the Revolution. Further, he provided information to attendees who may be eligible for membership in SAR. Heíll provide a written report later.

b.   JROTC Program. Compatriot Snyder reported that he has 14 presenters for the ROTC Award. Need more members to make these presentations. A motion was made to fund 15 more ROTC Medals to assist TXSSAR due to their shortage of income from Patriot Fund as requested by Ron Barker, TXSSAR ROTC Chair. The Motion passed.

c.    Genealogist Update. Compatriot Taylor reported that he had 9 member applications in process noting that 2 had been returned for more information. He reported that his efforts at the San Antonio Genealogical & Historical Society Library have resulted in 2 new applications for membership in SAR.


Compatriot Harcourt noted that he had received a call from the Patrick Henry Chapter in Austin about a new applicant (Jack Judson) being referred to us.


d.   Awards: Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough reported that he is well funded for medals and awards for this year.

e.    Color Guard Activities. Compatriot Rohrbough reported that we had a good outcome at the Harris Middle School History Fair on October 3rd. Compatriots Peter Baron, Frank Rohrbough and John Orr conducted a revolving program addressing American Revolutionary events, uniforms, weapons, flags and the Texas connection to the Revolution We expect to be invited back next year.


Compatriot Rohrbough reported that we have two events coming up. On Saturday, November 7th we will participate in the US Military Veterans Day Parade. The Boerne Chapter will join us in this event. Parade starts at noon near the Alamo. All members are invited to participate and support this event. For more information contact Compatriot Frank Rohrbough.

f.     Veterans Day Gala Event: Compatriot Higginson reported on the status of planning for the event. He has received 28 reservations and asked members to help by calling each member of the Chapter to extend a personal invite as a following up to the mailing of 146 Invitations that the Secretary sent out last week. Compatriot Higginson asked that each member also bring an item for the Silent Auction. He noted that the Musket Raffle is going well with $490 worth of tickets being sold to date. Compatriot Baron noted that amounts to just over half the cost of the musket.

g.    Newsletter: Compatriot Harcourt stated he would be gathering inputs for the October Newsletter and hoped to put together over the weekend and put it in the mail on Monday, October 26th.He asked that inputs be sent to him by Friday, October 23rd.


VI.        New Business.

a.    Length of Monthly Meetings: President Bowles commented that we need to keep the Monthly Chapter Meetings within the one-hour schedule for the meeting. He asked for assistance in keeping the meeting on schedule so that we can adjourn at 1:00 P.M. on time.

b.   Executive Committee and Chapter Meeting Date Changes: Because of the Thanksgiving Holiday, President Bowles noted that the Chapter Meeting would be on November 11th (our Veterans Day Gala) in place of our normal meeting on November 18th. Accordingly, he requested that we change the Executive Committee Meeting from Thursday, November 12th to Wednesday, November 4th. This would serve to finalize the planning for the Gala and allow for the needed business of the Committee to be conducted. The Committee agreed to the change.

c.    October Newsletter: Compatriot Harcourt asked if the members could assist him in preparing the envelopes for mailing out the Newsletter. All agreed.

d.   E-Mailing Listing for Members: Contact with member via the Internet was discussed. Compatriot Harcourt noted that about 90 members have e-mail addresses. Because of the cost of mailing, use of the Internet is a preferred method of communications for members who use it. When material needs to be sent out to non-Internet members, normal mail services will be used.

e.    ROTC Awards: See paragraph V.b. above.

f.     Veterans Day Parade, November 7th: (See paragraph V.e. above)

g.    Fall Board of Managers Meeting: President Bowles noted that the TXSSAR Fall Board of Managers Meeting will be held in Richardson, TX October 30-November 2nd. Compatriots Peter Baron, Frank and Stephen Rohrbough, George Harcourt and James Taylor will be attending.

h.    Texas State Genealogical Society Meeting: Compatriot Long stated that he would be going to the Omni Hotel (Colonnade Blvd) on IH-10 West to help sell raffle tickets for our Musket Raffle. He asked that others volunteer to man the desk in the lobby of the Hotel on Saturday, November 6th and 7th. For more information contact Compatriot Long.

i.      Officers for 2010: President Bowles raised the question of the need for a Nominations Committee to prepare a slate for the election of officers for 2010. Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough stated that the Chapter By-Laws state that the Past Presidents serve on the Committee. President David Bowles appointed the following Past Presidents to the Nominating Committee: Past Presidents Frank Rohrbough, Jay Higginson and Stephen Rohrbough. Compatriot Frank Rohrbough agreed to Chair the Nominating Committee and provide a draft Slate of Officers for the Executive Committee at its next meeting on November 4th. If approved, the Slate will be presented to the Membership at the Chapter Gala on November 11th and voted on at the Chapter Meeting on December 10, 2009.


VII. Adjournment. There being no other business to conduct, President Bowles adjourned the meeting at 1:10 PM.


Frank Rohrbough, Recorder