San Antonio Chapter #4 TXSSAR

Sons of the American Revolution


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


January 14, 2010

Lion & Rose Pub


I.        Call to Order

      President David Bowles called to order the regular meeting of the Executive Committee at 11:36 A.M.


II.     Roll Call

      The following Committee Members were present: David Bowles, Peter Baron, James Taylor, Frank Rohrbough, Stephen Rohrbough, Courtland Snyder, George Harcourt, Harry Long, Joe Ware, John Dupree, Rene Villarreal and Bob Brady. 


III.   Approval of Minutes

      President Bowles called for the review of the Minutes of December 10, 2009. A motion was made and seconded to approve them as written. The motion passed.


President Bowles asked for a review of the Minutes of the Chapter Membership Meeting that was held on December 10, 2009 following the Executive Committee Meeting. A motion was made and seconded to approve them as written. The motion passed.


IV.  Treasurer’s Report

      President Bowles asked for Compatriot Baron to present the Treasurer’s Report for January 2010. Compatriot Baron noted that the Chapter had an ending balance for November $5946.56. After income ($3388.35 and expenses ($1073.00), he noted we have a balance of $8261.91 for a net increase of $2315.35. A motion was made and seconded to accept the reports as presented. The motion passed.


V.     Old Business

a.   Knight Essay Contest: President Bowles reported the Minnie Piper Foundation had received 28 entries for our contest, but that only 7 included an essay. He noted that 4 of the essays were disqualified for non-compliance with our rules. Of the 3 remaining essays, he felt that they were of poor quality and recommended that no award should be made this year. Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough suggested that Certificates of Appreciation should be given to all students who prepared an essay. The recommendation was accepted.

b.   ROTC Program: Compatriot Snyder stated the awards program is on track for 33 high schools and 3 universities. He is working on a schedule for member volunteers to attend the Awards Program at the schools in the spring. Compatriot Snyder noted that he had received 2 nominations for the Enhanced JROTC Award. Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough remarked that this award should be presented at a Chapter Meeting, possibly in February.

c.    Genealogy Report: Compatriot Taylor reported that he has 7 applications is process. He will meet with 3 new prospective members on Saturday (January 16th) at the San Antonio Genealogical Society. Compatriot Harcourt noted that he had received 6 new member Certificates from NSSAR. Compatriot Taylor will contact each new member to notify them of their approval. Compatriot Baron will invite them to attend the January Chapter Meeting next week where they can be inducted.

d.   Law Enforcement Awards: Compatriot Baron noted that he has several candidates for the Law Enforcement Award this year. Candidates will be presented to the Committee at our February Meeting. The selectee will be presented our Award at the May Chapter Meeting.

e.   Color Guard: Compatriot Frank Rohrbough reported that we will participate in the George Washington Parade in Laredo which begins at 10 A.M. on February 20th. The Laredo Chapter will have a float so members can either ride on the float or walk. All members are welcome to attend. Participants were reminded to complete the Liability Release Form and send it to Compatriot Tom Green.


VI.  New Business

a.   Veterans Programs: Compatriot Frank Rohrbough advised that as a representative of NSSAR to the VA we are obligated to provide services to the Veterans Volunteers Service Program (VAVS). The Audie Murphy VA Hospital has asked us if we would operate a Popcorn Concession for them. With 8 to 10 volunteers we can operate the concession one day a week on a day of our choosing) thereby having volunteers commit to such duties only once per month. The VA provides all products and equipment – they need volunteers. The Committee agreed that this is a worthwhile project and supported this proposal asking it be presented to the membership at our January Chapter Meeting.

b.   Reservations for Chapter Meetings: Compatriot Baron reviewed the Standing Reservation List and asked for members to confirm if they wanted to add or delete their name from the list. All members on the list will not have to make reservations for the meal at Chapter Meeting, but if they cannot attend a meeting they need to report this to the Treasurer so they will not be charged for a meal.

c.     Eagle Scout Award:  Compatriot Brady reported that we have 2 candidates for The Eagle Scout Award. Both are good candidates for our Award. Compatriot Baron made a motion to change the amount of our Award from $250 for the winner to splitting the monetary award to $150 for the winner and $100 for the runner up. The motion passed. Compatriot Baron suggested that this award should be presented at the awardees’ Scout Meeting.


Compatriot Brady stated he is working closely with Scout Troop #289 and is promoting work on Merit Badges for American Heritage, Genealogy and Law. Being awarded these Merit Badges makes scouts competitive for our Eagle Scout Award.

d.   Visit to Kerrville VA Hospital: Compatriot Baron reported that President General Ed Butler would visit the VA Hospital in Kerrville on February 9th at 1 P.M. and extended an invitation to our members to participate in this visit. PG Butler will present Coins to veterans as a show of SAR’s appreciation for their service to our country. Compatriot Baron noted that he would be the Guest Speaker at the Kerrville SAR Chapter on that day and all were invited to attend that meeting.

e.    Chapter’s Annual Report: Compatriot Baron reported that the Chapter’s Annual Report was completed and submitted to the TXSSAR on January 9th. He thanked everyone who participated in this tedious task. He noted that we have members who have performed services that could be included in our report but were not reported. We can do better if we had a way to record and submit our work efforts. A reporting form is being developed for all members to use to document and report their services on behalf of SAR.

f.     Membership Drop List: Compatriot Baron reported that we have 47 members who have not paid their dues for 2010. Accordingly, they have been “dropped” by TXSSAR from our membership. He asked members to contact those members they know and ask them to pay their dues to be re-instated.

g.   Chapter Meeting Change: Compatriot Baron stated that the Petroleum Club notified him that the room we use is not available on May 19th, but was available on May 12th. After some discussion, a motion was made to change the Chapter Meeting to May 12th. The motion passed. He noted that the EC Meeting would be held on Thursday, May 6th.


Compatriot Baron stated that use of the large room is protected by our contract for 2010. However, unless we average 40 attendees, we will be at risk of losing the room in 2011.  

h.   Speaker for January Chapter Meeting: As a follow up to our invitation to TXSSAR President Tom Lawrence to install our Officers at the January meeting, Compatriot Harcourt advised that he had spoken with President Lawrence about a conflict with President General Ed Butler doing this Installation of Officers. Compatriot Harcourt stated that the matter was resolved. After some discussion, the Committee agreed that we should extend an invitation to President Lawrence to attend our March 17th Chapter Meeting. Compatriot Rueben Perez (Program Chairman) will extend the invitation.


VII. Adjournment There being no other business to conduct, President Bowles adjourned the meeting at 12:40 PM.




Frank Rohrbough, Recorder


      Note: Minutes were approved by the Executive Committee on February 11, 2010.