San Antonio Chapter #4 TXSSAR

Sons of the American Revolution


Business Meeting Minutes


February 11, 2010

Lion & Rose Pub


I.        Call to Order

      President Peter Baron called to order the Chapter Business Meeting at 11:30 A.M.


II.     Roll Call

      The following Executive Committee Members were present: James Taylor, Frank Rohrbough, Stephen Rohrbough, Courtland Snyder, George Harcourt, Harry Long, Joe Ware, Rueben Perez, John Dupree, John Orr, Rene Villarreal and Bob Brady.  Other members present included Compatriot John Hollje.


III.   Approval of Minutes

      President Baron called for the review of the Minutes of January 14, 2009. A motion was made and seconded to approve them as written. The motion passed.


IV.  Treasurer’s Report

      President Baron asked Compatriot Dupree to present the Treasurer’s Report for February 2010. Compatriot Dupree noted that the Chapter had an ending balance for December 2009 of $8261.91. After expenses ($791.30), he noted we have a balance of $7470.60. A motion was made and seconded to accept the reports as presented. The motion passed. (Attachment 1)


V.     Other Committee Reports:

a.      Color Guard: Compatriot Frank Rohrbough provided a handout of the events for 2010 which we hope to support. He noted that the next upcoming event in the George Washington Parade in Laredo on February 20th. (See item VI.f. below.) (Attachment 2)

b.      ROTC: Chairman Courtland Snyder reported that the ad hoc committee of Compatriots Harry Long, Joe Ware and Courtland Snyder met following the January General Meeting to evaluate the nominations of cadets for the Enhanced JROTC Award. The Committee selected Cadet Stephanie Aviles from Cole High School as the Chapter’s Outstanding Cadet. Subsequently she was nominated to the TXSSAR. It was difficult to differentiate between the two nominations. The runner-up, Cadet Leanna Noelle Marlin from Winston Churchill High School was recommended for the Bronze Good Citizenship Medal. The Outstanding Cadet will be recognized at our February General Meeting.

c.       Flag: Compatriot Orr stated that he was working set up a Flag Certificate Presentation to the Inn at Los Patios. Other sites are also being considered.

d.      Veterans: Compatriot Frank Rohrbough noted that the VAVS at Audie Murphy Hospital would host a program in support of National Veterans Appreciation Day on Friday, February 12th at 10 AM to noon to honor our veterans. All members are invited to participate in this celebration.

e.      Scholarship: The scholarship was initiated in Dec. 2008 with an initial investment in CDs of $26,000. Last year the CDs earned $1,283.78. With this interest and additional donations the fund balance at the end of 2009 was $29,465.97.


VI.   Old Business:

a.   Veterans Programs: Compatriot Frank Rohrbough stated that he still needs some volunteers to operate a Popcorn Concession at the Audie Murphy VA Hospital. With 10 volunteers we can operate the concession one day a week (on a day of our choosing) thereby having volunteers commit to such duties only once per month. The VA provides all products and equipment. He will seek additional volunteers at the next Chapter Meeting. All volunteers will then be trained for this operation.

b.   Contacting Members without Internet Access: President Baron noted that many of our members do not have access to the Internet but still want to know about the Chapter’s activities. He proposed mailing them a Monthly Newsletter highlighting our activities and news events. All agreed that this was needed. A recommendation was made to mail copies of the Business minutes to each interested Compatriot. A motion was made and passed to give the secretary authority to mail minutes to Compatriots that request them.   

c.    Membership Drop List: Compatriot Baron reported that we have 22 members who have not paid their dues for 2010. Accordingly, they have been “dropped” by TXSSAR from our membership. 5 have made statements that payments were going to be made. This is still higher than last year’s nonpayment of 14 Compatriots.  He asked members to contact those members they know and ask them to pay their dues to be re-instated.

d.   Distribution of Gala Funds: President Baron addressed the distribution of funds from the Gala in November noting that there was a balance of $3876.37. Compatriot Dupree remarked that the funds must be used for the purposes stated on the Tickets and the Program. After some discussion, a motion was made to distribute the funds from the Musket Sale as follows: $100 to the Center for Advancing American Heritage and $100 to the TXSSAR Patriot Fund. The Motion passed.


President Baron further proposed the distribution of funds from the Gala’s Silent Auction of $1150.00.  After some discussion, a motion was made to distribute the funds as follows: $230 Color Guard Flag Poles and travel stands, $425 for 500 flags for Color Guard Events, $145 for historic flags for flag presentations, $350 for TXSSAR History Books for local libraries (San Antonio Public Library-Genealogy Room, SAGHS, Tejeda MS, Harris MS, Boerne MS, Schertz Public Library and Boerne Public Library). The Motion passed.


President Baron proposed the distribution of remaining funds from Ticket Sales of $2526.37.  Following discussion, a motion was made to use the funds until depleted for Youth and Historical Programs, i.e. Eagle Scout Scholarship, JROTC, Essay Contest, CAR donation, and Color Guard Activities during school history fairs. Compatriot Dupree agreed to show a separate line item in the Monthly Treasurer’s Financial Report. The Motion passed.

e.   Newsletter Editor: President Baron called for a member to step up to serving as our Chapter Newsletter Editor. (Action: Open)

f.     Laredo Parade:  Compatriot Frank Rohrbough reported that we will participate in the George Washington Parade in Laredo which begins at 10 A.M. on February 20th. The Laredo Chapter will have a float so members can either ride on the float or walk. All members are welcome to attend. Participants were reminded to complete the Liability Release Form and turn it in to him.

g.   Signer of Bank Card: President Baron noted that we need to complete the “Signature Card” at the bank next week. Authorized signers were proposed as Compatriots John Dupree, George Harcourt, and James Taylor. A motion was made to recognize authorized signers. The Motion passed.   

h.   Military/War Service Medals: President Baron commented that we need to honor those who have served our country by recognizing members who have served in uniform. He is compiling a list of members who have and have not received their medals.

i.     Card Drawing Ticket Fund: President Baron remarked that we need to renew the drawing for the monies in the Ticket Fund. Currently there is $302.50 in the Fund. When the Fund is depleted (won), the Committee can decide if the Fund should be continued.


VII.         Old Business

a.   By Laws Committee: President Baron announced that he has appointed Compatriots Harry Long, Joe Ware, and George Harcourt to the By-Laws Committee and has asked them to review our By-Laws for needed changes. The Committee will be chaired by Chancellor Long.

b.   Induction of Governor of Texas to SAR: On Thursday, February 11th President General Ed Butler and members of the TXSSAR Society met in the State Capitol in Austin, TX to induct Governor Richard (Rick) Perry as a new member of SAR and the San Antonio Chapter. Compatriots Peter Baron and Frank Rohrbough witnessed this historic event in the Reception Room of the Capitol. TXSSAR President Tom Lawrence presented Governor Perry with the NSSAR Gold Good Citizenship Award for his service to Texas and securing the Texas Border. Other members of the Texas Society witnessed this historic event.


With Governor Perry’s induction raised the question of payment of the Application Fee. Since this action was initiated by President Butler – a chapter member -, the Chapter President was asked to pay this fee. After some discussion, a motion was made and seconded to pay the $170 fee. The motion passed. 

c.    TXSSAR State Meeting: Compatriot Harcourt stated that the Dallas Chapter has agreed to host the Annual State Meeting in 2011. In a normal rotation, San Antonio would be considered for hosting this meeting in 2012. He noted that there is an opening for the Summer 2010 Board of Managers Meeting; since no Chapter has stepped up to host it, he asked if the San Antonio Chapter would consider hosting that meeting. (Action: Open)

d.   Dual Membership Dues:  Discussion was held concerning any TXSSAR members that may be members of the San Antonio Chapter, but hold a primary TXSSAR membership with another Chapter. After discussion, no Compatriots were known to qualify.

e.   July 4th Parade Proposal: President Baron remarked that President General Ed Butler had requested that our Chapter organize a 2010 July 4th Parade in San Antonio with military and civic organization. After some discussion, it was agreed that this would be a huge undertaking for the chapter, very time consuming and very difficult to gain donors to pay the high cost of this event. A motion was made and seconded not to conduct this event. The motion passed.  

f.     President’s Challenge: President Baron outlined his goals for 2010 with a handout. Goals included the “Challenge”, Military/War Service Recognition, and Memorial Recognition for Compatriots lost in the current and previous year. The President’s Challenge is for 40 San Antonio Compatriots to act as a “First Line Signer” on a new member application and to recognize an individual with a SAR medal, award, or Certificate. (Attachment 3)(Action: Open)

g.   Cost of Meals: President Baron opened discussion on the cost of meals at the Petroluem Club. The meal costs the Chapter $22.80. That makes a profit of $.20 per meal. Discussion was held. A motion was made to keep the meal at $23 for Compatriots paying by check and with a reservation. The motion continued to have Compatriots paying with cash to pay $25 and those without Reservations to pay $25. The motion passed.

h.   Business Meeting Location: President Baron asked if the Lion and Rose Restaurant was a good location for our Business Meetings (Executive Committee) or should we look for another location. All agreed that the current location at Loop 410 and Blanco was preferred.

i.     Medals & Awards for February Chapter Meeting: Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough advises that he has the 2009 Chapter Medals prepared for Past President Bowles to present.

j.     Partners in Patriotism: President Baron asked Compatriot Rohrbough if the Chapter was supporting the NSSAR’s Partner in Patriotism Program. Compatriot Rohrbough stated we supported the program and would conduct an event with another veteran organization later in the year. (Action: Open)

k.   CAR Event: President Baron noted that he would participate with the local CAR Chapter celebrating Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14th. Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough stated he would attend the event also.

l.     Upcoming Color Guard Events:  Compatriot Rohrbough reported that President General Ed Butler visited the VA Hospital in Kerrville on February 9th at 1 P.M. and extended appreciation to many of veterans in the hospital for their service to our country. He presented an SAR Coins to 3 Purple Heart Recipients as a show of SAR’s appreciation for their service to our country.


More information about our Color Guard activities are noted in paragraphs V.a. and VI.f above.

m. CAR Donation: President Baron noted that we have in our Budget for 2010 a donation of $100 to the CAR at the State Convention in Austin in March. Discussion was held as to keeping the money locally or providing the funds to the State Convention. A motion was made to authorize a second $100 to be paid to the Denny Anderson Chapter CAR on February 14th. The Motion Passed.

n.   Recruiting Opportunity: Compatriot Harcourt noted that there were many SAR members living in the San Antonio area who were members of other TXSSAR Chapters. He suggested that we contact these members to let them know what we are doing and to invite them to join us at our meetings and events and determine if they would consider transferring their membership to our Chapter or at least offer a local network to be active in. All agreed to have the President make the invitation. (Action: Open)


VIII. Adjournment There being no other business to conduct, President Baron adjourned the meeting at 12:45 PM.




      Frank Rohrbough, Acting Recorder



1. Treasurer’s Report

2. Color Guard Events for 2010

3. President’s Challenge























SA SAR Chapter Color Guard


SASAR Color Guard Events:

1.      Regular Chapter Meetings (10 per year)

2.      Parades (6 per year)

a.      George Washington Parade in Laredo (February 20, 9 AM)

b.      Pilgrimage to the Alamo (April 19, 3 PM)

c.       Fiesta de la Ninos (Port of San Antonio) (Saturday, April 17, 12 PM)

d.      Burgess Fest in Boerne (Saturday, June 5)

e.       Kendal County Fair Parade (September 7th, Labor Day Weekend, Time TBD)

f.        San Antonio US Military Veterans Parade (Saturday, November 6th, 12 PM)

3.      Special Events (12 per year)

a.      History Faire (Tejeda MS) (Saturday, April 10th , 10 AM)

b.      Boerne Living History Fair (Cibolo Nature Center) (May ?) 

c.       Memorial Day (Monday, May 31st , Time TBD)

d.      July 4th

                                       i.      Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery (10:00 AM)

                                     ii.      Ft. Sam Houston Salute to the Union (11:30 AM)

                                    iii.      TCARA/DAR @ the Alamo (2 PM)

e.       History Fair (Harris MS) (October 3rd , Time TBD)

f.        Veterans Day (Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery) (Thursday, November 11th Time TBD)

g.       Joint DAR/SAR/CAR Holiday Luncheon (San Antonio Country Club)(December 4th)

h.       Naturalization Ceremonies

i.         Other DAR/SAR/CAR Events (as scheduled)


TXSSAR Color Guard Events (9 per year)

  1. The State Convention in March
  2. The August BOM
  3. October BOM
  4. DAR State Convention
  5. The CAR State Convention
  6. Patriot Grave Markings
  7. Battle of Medina
  8. George Washington Parade in Laredo
  9. South Central District Meeting






Attachment 2


The Presidential Challenge


To meet the Challenge a Compatriot must:


1) Act as a first line signer on a new member application.  That means the Compatriot is responsible for finding, recruiting, and assisting a new applicant through the application process to membership. This can be a family member or a member of the Compatriots social group.


2) Recommend and sponsor the recognition of a Compatriot or Citizen by way of presenting a NSSAR Certificate, Medal or Award to them. That means the Compatriot must find and refer someone to receive SAR recognition by any of the allowed means. Such as: recruit and Eagle Scout, give a flag Certificate, refer a Public Service Medal, etc


The Challenge is for 40 Compatriots. In 2009, San Antonio Chapter SAR had 22 new members. Currently we have 203 members. Only 20% have to step up and meet the Challenge. Will you be one of them?




Peter T. Baron

San Antonio Chapter #4, TXSSAR
























Attachment 3