San Antonio Chapter #4 TXSSAR

Sons of the American Revolution


Business Meeting Minutes


March 10, 2010

Lion & Rose Pub


I.        Call to Order

      President Peter Baron called to order the Chapter Business Meeting at 11:40 A.M.


II.     Roll Call

      The following Executive Committee Members were present: James Taylor, Frank Rohrbough, Stephen Rohrbough, Courtland Snyder, George Harcourt, Harry Long, Joe Ware, Rueben Perez, John Orr, Rene Villarreal and Bob Brady.


III.   Approval of Minutes

      President Baron called for the review of the Minutes of February 11, 2010. A motion was made and seconded to approve them as written. The motion passed.


IV.  Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report was submitted to the business meeting by President Peter Baron.  The current bank account balance is $7,530.81.  There was some discussion as to the Snyder Scholarship of $1,000.00, and the report was accepted, pending verification of this particular item. The motion passed. (Attachment 1)


V.     Other Committee Reports:

a.      Webmaster:  President Baron presented Compatriot Max Strozier’s report.  Max has been busy updating many aspects of our chapter web site, as well as making the page visits more efficient, doing corrections, additions, updating the calendar, etc.  The patriot section is now updated as well.  It was noted that we have had over 600 visits to the web site monthly, many from Russia for some reason.   If you note any errors or encounter any problems with the web site, please e-mail the web master and they will be updated or fixed in short order. (Attachment 2)

b.      Genealogy: Compatriot Taylor reported that currently:

11 applications are up at National

6 applications have been approved Y.T.D.

4 applications have been returned to him from TXXSAR for more info

3 applications have just been sent into State

The application process is currently taking about 11 ½ to 13 weeks.  General discussion      followed on a number of genealogy topics at National and State levels.  There is some discussion about fast tracking member sons within one generation, however, it now is taking the full length of time.  NSSAR is currently starting on the December 2009 submissions. (Attachment 3)


c.       Veterans:  There is new and additional thought being brought to the process used to figure the points for the awarding of the Westmoreland Award.  Discussed that these are supposed to be annual versus cumulative points.  President Baron mentioned that there were a number of new gold metals, including citizenship.   The gold metal award for George Straight was not approved by a majority, but tied at 11 – 11 votes.  Will likely be presented again at National

d.      Chaplain: Compatriot Taylor will be inducted as the TXSSAR Chaplain on March 26, 2010, and will likely be the Chaplain General for NSSAR in 2012.

e.      Membership:  Current numbers of SAR membership are as follows:  27,804 members Nationally, 2,678 are TXSSAR members, which was up 130 over the start of 2009, or a 3% growth.  Texas has the largest number of SAR members, with Virginia # 2 at approximately 1,700 members.  General discussion on membership percentages and what that could and should mean to the overall SAR organization.  The conversation was lively.  It was noted that the National Museum has raised ½ of the $10,000,000.00 in funding that it has been seeking, and the projected grand opening date is in just over a year from now.

f.        Speakers:  Compatriot Ruben Perez noted that our next speaker would be Compatriot David Bowles on his latest book, “Battle of Gilford Courthouse”.  All were certain that it will be an interesting presentation to our membership.

g.      Eagle Scout:  Our submission was eliminated at the State level, but we are working on the troop meeting time and place to present the medals and certificates to the two Eagle Scouts who submitted entries to our Chapter.  We split the award this year to include both Eagles, the winner the medal and certificate, plus $150.00, and the second place Eagle with a certificate, Bronze Good Citizenship Medal and $100.00

h.      Color Guard:  Compatriot Rohrbough noted the activities in February 2010 minutes.  Reported that we probably had 45 color guard at the George Washington celebration in Laredo.  The float was full and the crowds were large.   Upcoming events are as follows:

4-19-10  Alamo Pilgrimage  (Reminder, it is a pilgrimage and not a march)  Gather at 15:00 at start, and step off at 16:00.  Will place the wreath at Alamo as a part of the activities.  Reported that the wreath looks good and is ready to go.  All SAR members are welcome to participate.

4-17-10  Fiesta de los Niños  12:00 parade, be there by 11:00, we will lead the parade.  All members are welcome.

4-10-10  History Faire – Tejeda Middle School  Event starts at 10:00, members are welcome to help with set-up starting at 08:30, and the event runs until about 16:00, and we start tearing down our displays at 15:30.

05-04-10  100 Club Lunch  Our chapter has been invited to attend the luncheon, and we have a table that seats 8. 

i.        Veterans: For the popcorn project, we have 6 volunteers now, and 4 more are needed.  If we get 10, it would be a commitment of each volunteer to serve once a month from 10:00 to 14:00 (we would serve 2 at a time) on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  One time training will be required.

j.        Newsletter: Compatriot Frank Rohrbough is serving as our editor.  The current newsletter has been mailed or e-mailed to each chapter member.  We will likely have 3 or so annual newsletters. 

k.      Flag: Compatriot Orr recommends that Arnold Hoekstra be awarded the Flag Certificate with the Color Guard in attendance in mid June or early July.  Mr. Hoekstra has a free standing 20’ flag pole supporting his flag in a prominent location at the corner of Vance Jackson and Quaker Town Road in the Colonies Estate.  He has done this  for the past 8 years and has maintained it very well.  Discussion ensued about the three categories for flag awards as well as sponsors to the awards.  The categories are Business, Individual, and School.  The committee would pick the category and the award.  The sponsors would sponsor an award with a $25.00 donation, but the sponsorship is random to the particular award person, school, or organization.  The motion passed.  (see attachment 4)

l.        ROTC: Chairman Courtland Snyder reported on the selection of  Outstanding Cadet, and that she was selected by TXSSAR as the State’s Outstanding Cadet and nominated for the National award.  She will be recognized at the State meeting in Houston on March 27th .  The presenters for the 36 ROTC/JROTC Awards Ceremonies have been selected and this program is underway, concluding in May.  The Scholarship Committee selected Cadet Major Victoria Wixon as the recipient of the E.C. Snyder SAR Scholarship.  In addition to the $1,000.00 scholarship, she and four others will be presented Outstanding Citizenship Awards for their efforts to win the scholarship.  (see attachment 5)

m.    Historian: Compatriot Orr reported that the C.Y. 2009 yearbook is a work in progress.  Considerable input has been provided by the Chapter President.  The deadline for completion is 3rd week of March 2010.  Discussion ensued about the monthly history presentations.  (see attachment 6)


VI.   Old Business


a.   Veterans Programs: As reported in committee report “I” above.  This old business will be closed after March 10th minutes.

b.   Contacting Members without Internet Access: We will continue to mail newsletters to those without e-mail.  We will also endeavor to contact them by traditional methods as well.  All members are encouraged to have e-mail access.  This old business item will be closed after March 10th minutes.

c.    Membership Drop List: Compatriot Baron reported the final numbers of members who have not elected to pay dues.  Going forward, dues are due at the end of December, delinquent in January, and dropped by TXSSAR in February.  On the drop list are two longtime members from our chapter.  Compatriot Richard C Boward Sr. and Compatriot Reed Dillon.  It was proposed that President Baron would present Compatriot Boward for “Perpetual Member Emeritus” at the State Meeting.  Indications are that this has not been done in a number of years and that there may be resistance to the idea.  Motion was made to: Prepare a chapter check for the annual dues of $52.00, and to proceed with the presentation at State.  If the proposal is accepted at State, then the chapter funds would be returned to the account, if rejected, then the check will be used to pay the annual dues.  The Motion Passed

d.   Newsletter editor: See report in committee report “j” above.

e.   Military/War Service Medals:  Work is continuing to record and recognize all of our Compatriots who have served in the military. Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough will be recognized at the March Meeting. Applicant Davenport has served.

f.     E.C. Snyder Scholarship Winner: This item will close after the March 10, 2010 minutes.


VII.  New Business


a.      Upcoming Color Guard Activities:  Please see committee report above in section “h”

b.      TXXSAR Bylaw Changes:  There was considerable discussion on the proposed bylaw changes.  There are a number of minor revisions and language changes to be continuity to the language to the functions that the bylaw supports.  The Executive Committee will now be formalized.  Also changes to fees and dues, if not paid by 2-1 you are dropped from TXSSAR.

c.       Induction:  Jack Judson will be inducted into the San Antonio Chapter at the 3-17-2010 Chapter meeting.

d.      Website Updates:  See report in committee report “a”, as well as attachment # 2.

e.      Report from Leadership:  Number of items reviewed and discussed.

f.        Heroism Medals:  Our civilian recipient has been identified, but we are not certain of her name.  She was involved in assisting a SAPD officer who was being attacked at a convenience store.

g.      Communication Issues:  Discussion relating to our communications internally with ourselves and SAR, and our communications externally to non-SAR persons.  We should have a specific person communicating to an external person or organization, otherwise the message or calendar is confused and makes the Chapter appear that way as well.

h.      Dillon:  This item was included in the Old Business under Membership Drop List.


VII.            Adjournment  There being no other business to conduct, President Baron adjourned the meeting at 13:40.


Bob Brady – Recording Secretary



1.      Treasurers Report

2.      Webmasters Report

3.      Membership Report

4.      Flag Committee Report

5.      ROTC Report

6.      Historian Report