Judge Ed Butler


Judge Ed Butler was the President General (2009-2010) of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution.

Some of his lecture topics are as follows:

Spain's Contribution to the American Revolutionary War

The Texas Connection to the American Revolutionary War

The Battle of Kings Mountain - Turning Point in the American Revolutionary War

Programs of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution

Long Range Plan of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution

Family Names In  Genealogy

Preparing An Effective Research  Guide

Useful Forms In  Genealogy

Researching Your  Ancestors

Genealogical Evidence and Sources

Veterans Day Program

Spain Through the 17th  Century

Spain in the 18th  Century

European & Mediterranean Pirates

The  Crusades

Knight Templars

Charlemagne, The Bright Star of the Dark  Ages

Photo Travelogue of Spain

Origin of the US Constitution and  Bill of Rights

Origin of Ancient Sayings and Customs

Eurasia, Birthplace of American  Law



David Bowles


The Westward Sagas Web Site


David's favorite speaking topic is the "Lost State of Franklin." It is not well known, but the "almost" state of Franklin was nearly the 14th state instead of Vermont (New Connecticut).


Peter Baron


Peter Baron: speaks on Uniforms and Equipment of the Revolutionary Soldier, Tracing one's Revolutionary Ancestor, and Historical lectures on Revolutionary Battlefields and Tactics.

Peter is a Firefighter Paramedic with the San Antonio Fire Department. While in the SAR he has acted as State Historian, Chapter President and past Chapter Treasurer.



Frank Rohrbough


Frank Rohrbough: speaks on the presentation topic “George Washington's Spies”.



James C. Taylor


Compatriot James C. Taylor, is a retired 32 year Army Chaplain, 44 years as a Lutheran pastor; Chaplain and Genealogist and President Elect for San Antonio Chapter # 4; State Chaplain for TXSSAR, Chapter Chaplain for San Antonio Military Officers Association of America and Chaplain and Commander for Windcrest American Legion Post 612.

Some of his lecture topics are as follows:

Continental Uniforms

The Battle of Concord

The Pennsylvania Militia during the American Revolution

The History of Genealogical Names (he has developed programs for 7th and 8th grade middle school classes)

The Bible and the Pilgrims

The Bible and Jamestowne

General Information on the SAR



Other Speakers Bureaus


Dallas, Texas

McKinney, Texas

Plano, Texas






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