Minutes of the Executive Committee

San Antonio Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

March 20, 2008

Lion and Rose Pub, San Antonio


President Jay Higginson called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m. at the Lion and Rose Pub, Blanco and Loop 410. Members present included Compatriots Frank Rohrbough, Stephen Rohrbough, George Harcourt, Courtland Snyder, Joe Ware, Harry Long, Ed Heath, Jim Massingill, John Orr and Peter Baron.


The minutes of the meeting on February 21st were approved.


Compatriot Peter Baron presented the Treasurers report noting a balance of $6400. The dues from TXSSAR were received.


Old Business:


President Higginson stated that we needed to work on get members whose dues have not been paid renewed. He noted that Charles Aldrete place 2nd at the TXSSAR Essay Contest and was awarded $300. He asked the Secretary to prepare a letter of congratulations and to have Jerry Fulenwider get some publicity in the local newspaper.


Committee Reports:


A.     Awards:

Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough stated we need a monthly calendar for making Awards during the year – i. e., Fire Safety and EMS in October and Law Enforcement in May. Other Awards are noted in the TXSSAR Calendar. He noted that Chief McMannus would be our speaker in May.


B.  Color Guard:

Compatriot Frank Rohrbough reported that we have a number of events being planned to include the History Fair at Frank Tejeda Middle School (April 5th), Pilgrimage to the Alamo (April 21st), Granaderos de Galvez Ceremony at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery (July 4th), Cannon Salute to the Nation at Ft. Sam Houston (July 4th), “Let Freedom Ring” at the Alamo (July 4th) and other upcoming local parades. President Higginson asked Compatriot Rohrbough to seek participation in various parades to include Fiesta, Battle of Flowers, New Braunfels and Boerne. 



Compatriot Snyder reported that award ceremonies for cadets began on March 1st and was on-going program.  President Higginson asked that we get good publicity for these awards.


D.  Membership/Recruiting and Retention:

Compatriot Harcourt reported that Compatriot Robert A. Cordova would be inducted at the March Chapter Meeting next week. He noted that he had not received any certificates for new members.


President Higginson noted that we need to work on retaining members by calling those who have not paid their dues and who have lapsed their membership.


E. Newsletter: 

Compatriot Harcourt reported that he was finalizing the Newsletter and it would be emailed to member later today. Because of the printing and mailing cost, there was agreement that a Post Card would be mailed to members telling them that the Newsletters would be available at the Chapter Meetings and that those not attending the meeting could get their Newsletters by email (if they have an email address), but those members who want a hard copy would be mailed to them upon request. This process will reduce our printing and mailing cost significantly.


F. Programs:

President Higginson reported in the absences of Rubin Perez that our speaker for the March 25th Meeting would be William Groneman, a retired Firefighter from New York City and author of  “Alamo Defenders”.  On April 23rd we will celebrate our Chapter’s Birthday and our speaker will be Colonel Lisa Firmin, Professor of Air Science at UTSA. For our May 28th Meeting we have invited Chief McMannus, San Antonio Police Department.


G.  Veterans:

Compatriot Frank Rohrbough asked that magazines for the VA Hospital be brought in for distribution. He noted that we should consider visiting veterans at the hospital and thank them for the service to the country.


H.    Flag:

Compatriot John Orr presented a draft proclamation for use during Flag Presentation Ceremonies. He is working to expand the program to include an individual, a school and a business.


I.  School Poster:

No report due to absences of Compatriot Bill Clanton.


J.  NSSAR Building Fund:

President Higginson noted that we have a donation from the DAR fro $100 that was to be given to NSSAR for the Building Fund.


K.  CAR Liaison:

Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough reported that the John Harrell Foundation has been set up through the funding ($5000) provided by Mrs. Barbara Harrell, surviving spouse of Compatriot John Harrell. The foundation will provide 4 $50 cash awards to TXSSAR Chapters who work to support the TXCAR programs.

Old Business:


A. George Washington Birthday Luncheon:

Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough reported that he and Compatriot Ed Heath attended the DAR sponsored event at Oak Hill Country Club on February 16th. He said it was a wonderful event that should be better attended by our Chapter members. Attendance results in points for our annual report.


B. New Memberships:

President Higginson called for members to seek new members for SAR. 


C. History Fair:

Compatriot Frank Rohrbough stated that we needed a planning meeting for the History Fair in early April to determine what we would do for the Fair. He encouraged all members to participate in the event.


D. Other Events: 

President Higginson stated that there are many opportunities for the Chapter to show itself (in addition to those noted in the Color Guard Report - Para B in Committee Reports) noting the following:

  • Memorial Day May 31st
  • Flag Day June 14th


Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough noted that he and Compatriots Frank Rohrbough and Peter Baron would attend the TXSSAR Annual Meeting in Arlington, TX on March 21-23.



The meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m.




Frank Rohrbough

Acting Recorder