Minutes of Executive Committee

San Antonio Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

0ctober 18, 2007

Lion and Rose Pub – Blanco and Loop 410


Welcome:  President Frank Rohrbough welcomed the attendees.



      President Frank Rohrbough

Vice President David Bowles

Registrar/Secretary George Harcourt

ROTC Courtland Snyder

Compatriot Harry Long

Compatriot John Hollje

Compatriot Ed Heath

Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough

Compatriot Joe Ware


Old Business:

A.     Status of Budget: Compatriot Higginson was absent thus no report.

B.     Induction of New Members: President Rohrbough reported that we have several new members to induct, but only one (Compatriot Peter Baron) would be inducted. Compatriot Harcourt asked attendees to use their “call lists” to maximize attendance.

C. Patriot Ancestor Letters – President Rohrbough reminded the Committee that Compatriot Bowles had completed his task seeking Patriot Ancestor Letters from Chapter Compatriots. He noted that the on-going project was now the responsibility of Compatriot Jim Massingill, the Chapter Historian. The Historian could use these letters as Historical Vignettes. (Open)

D.  Report on Participation in Fiesta (for 2008): Compatriot Ed Heath reported that he and Compatriot David Bowles had met with the Fiesta Staff about the possibility of the Chapter participating in Fiesta.  He noted that to join the Fiesta Organization, we would have to sponsor an event that would attract the public and thus raise monies for the Fiesta. We discussed the idea of hosting a “Let Freedom Ring” type of event that could qualify us for provisional membership and eventual full “membership. Compatriot Heath suggested that we take this matter one step at a time and have the President meet with the Fiesta Staff in a month or so.  (Open)

E.   Status of Flag Program: Compatriot John Orr was not present to address this matter.


New Business:

A.     Speaker for October: Compatriot Bowles noted that San Antonio’s Fire Chief Charles Hood would be our speaker.

B.     Award for EMS and Fire Safety: Compatriot Bowles reported that he was still waiting for the Chief to select two members from his staff to be our awardees. We expect to make these presentations at the October Meeting if all is in order.

C.     Programs for Remaining Chapter Meetings (Fall 2007): Compatriot Bowles reported that we have Commissioner Jerry Patterson lined up for the November Meeting, Because of Chapter elections, he had not planned to have a guest speaker for the December Meeting. The Committee agreed.


Other Business:

·        Election of Officers for 2008: Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough announced the initial actions for the election of officers for 2008. The slate needed to be announced at the November Chapter Meeting and the election held at the December Chapter Meeting. Based on preliminary discussions. Compatriot Rohrbough, together with the Election Committee, would present the slate at the next EC Meeting.

  • Color Guard: President Rohrbough noted that the Color Guard would present the Colors at the El Camino Real de Los Tejas Meeting at St. Mary’s Student Union, 2nd Floor, on October 31st at 1 PM. Participants include Compatriots Rohrbough and Heath and Compatriot Knox Duncan (Boerne Chapter).
  • Joint Meeting of SAR/DAR Holiday Meeting: President Rohrbough reported that there would be a joint meeting on Dec 1st at the San Antonio Country Club. President Rohrbough was still seeking ideas for providing some musical entertainment. He noted that Compatriot Higginson has agreed to provide play the piano providing some holiday music during the luncheon. (Open)
  • History Fair: President Rohrbough reported that we have been invited to participate in a History Fair at Frank Tejeda Middle School on April 5, 2008. The Committee agreed that this would be a good event for us to spread the word about SAR.


Adjournment: President Rohrbough adjourned the meeting at 12:50 PM.




Frank Rohrbough, Recorder