Minutes of Executive Committee

San Antonio Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

November 8, 2007

Lion and Rose Pub – Blanco and Loop 410


Welcome:  President Frank Rohrbough welcomed the attendees.



      President Frank Rohrbough

President Elect/Treasurer Jay Higginson

Vice President David Bowles

Registrar/Secretary George Harcourt

Compatriot Courtland Snyder

Compatriot Harry Long

Compatriot John Hollje

Compatriot Ed Butler

Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough

Compatriot Joe Ware

Compatriot Tom Richardson

Compatriot Peter Baron


Committee Reports:

A.     Color Guard: President Rohrbough noted that he would join Compatriot Knox Duncan (Boerne Chapter) to present the Colors at Smithson Valley Middle School tomorrow (November 9th) at 2:15 PM for their Veterans Day Program.

B.     Knight Essay:  Compatriot will put out the call for entries for the Contest. Entries must be received by December 31st.

C.  ROTC:  Compatriot Snyder reported that he has 31 high schools and 3 universities lined up for his 2008 program. He seeks additional committee members to help him.

D.  Member Retention: Compatriot Tom Richardson gave an update on the status of his “Member Handbook”. He request members look it over and provide inputs as they see appropriate. President Rohrbough complemented Compatriot Richardson for his hard work and the editing by other who have seen the document. This document is intended to be a guide for new and current members and will assist in welcoming new members as they come in to the Chapter. Compatriot Richardson seeks to meet with prospective and newly inducted members as a means of orienting them to the Chapter and its mission.

E.   Newsletter:  Compatriot Harcourt noted that the next Newsletter would be sent out this weekend.

F.  Flag Program:  Compatriot John Orr was not present to address this matter. President Rohrbough reported that a Certificate would be presented to the Stone Oak Ophthalmology Center on November 28th; a second ceremony is being set up with Ferguson Plumbing Supplies before the end of the year.




Old Business:

A.     Status of Budget: Compatriot Higginson gave Treasurer’s report and provided handout for attendees.

B.     Induction of New Members: President Rohrbough reported that we have several new members to induct - Compatriots Devin and Dustin Oliver (son’s of Lee Oliver). President will call Lee Oliver to see if his sons are available for induction on November 14th.

C.     Membership Certificate: President Rohrbough reported that Compatriot Max Strozier’s certificate will be presented at the December 12th Chapter Meeting.

D.     Supplemental Certificates:  President Rohrbough reported that two Supplemental Certificates have been received for Compatriot John Baines. The Certificates will be presented at the Chapter Meeting on November 14th. 

E.      Patriot Ancestor Letters – President Rohrbough reminded the attendees that Compatriot Jim Massingill was still seeking Patriot Ancestor Letters from Chapter Compatriots. He noted that the letters would be used as Historical Vignettes. Compatriot Harcourt noted that the letters could also be used for the Chapter Newsletter under a column titled “Mystery Patriot”. (Open)

F.  Report on Participation in Fiesta (for 2008): No report. (Open)

G.  Status of Flag Program: See Committee Report.

H. Slate of Officers for 2008:  Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough reviewed the draft slate of officer for 2008 election. The Slate will be presented to the membership at the November 14th Chapter Meeting; the election will be conducted at the December 12th Chapter Meeting. The Slate will be published in the Chapter Newsletter that will be sent out this weekend. 


New Business:

A.     Next Chapter Meeting: Compatriot Bowles noted that Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson would be our speaker for the November 14th Meeting. Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough noted that he has obtained permission from the TXSSAR President George West to present the TXSSAR Silver Good Conduct Medal to Commissioner Patterson for his presentation and community service. Compatriot Harcourt asked attendees to use their “call lists” to maximize attendance. Compatriot Higginson asked that members on the “permanent reservation list” remember to notify him if they will not attend the luncheon so they will not be charged for a meal.


B.     Award for EMS and Fire Safety: Compatriot Bowles reported that Michael Mumme would attend the meeting to receive the EMS Award; he will confirm today if Fireman Robert Santana will attend the meeting to receive the Fire Safety Award. Compatriot Stephen Rohrbough reported that the Certificates and Medals are available for presentation.


C.     Programs for Remaining Chapter Meetings (Fall 2007): Because of Chapter elections, President Rohrbough noted there were no plans to have a guest speaker for the December Meeting. He also noted that Maxine Heath would be our guest speaker at the January 23, 2008 Chapter Meeting. She will dress in period dress and speak as a “Friend of Martha Washington”.


Other Business:

·        Joint Meeting of SAR/DAR Holiday Meeting: Combined Meeting of DAR/SAR/CAR: President Rohrbough reported that those who plan to attend the Meeting need to send their reservations (and check) to DAR NLT November 23rd. (Mailing information was provided in the Agenda of the October 24th Meeting. Details will be noted again in the forthcoming Newsletter.) President Rohrbough noted that we had arranged at no cost to the Chapter for Dolly Hancock Anderson to be our Musical Entertainment. However, she pulled out as of today. Compatriot Rohrbough will contact her again to re-address the matter. As a fall back, Compatriot Rohrbough requested that $200 be allocated to cover the cost of other entertainment should that be needed. A motion was made and seconded and the motion passed. Compatriot Ware asked that in the future that the cost of any entertainment be cost-shared with DAR. There was general agreement with that position. (Open)

  • History Fair: President Rohrbough reported that we have been invited to participate in a History Fair at Frank Tejeda Middle School on April 5, 2008. This is a good event for us to spread the word about SAR.


Adjournment: President Rohrbough adjourned the meeting at 12:50 PM.




Frank Rohrbough, Recorder