Minutes of Executive Committee

San Antonio Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

September 20, 2007

Lion and Rose Pub – Blanco and Loop 410


Welcome:  President Frank Rohrbough welcomed the attendees noting that this was a new site for the Committee.



      President Frank Rohrbough

President/Treasurer Elect Jay Higginson

Registrar/Secretary George Harcourt

Historian Jim Massingill

ROTC Courtland Snyder

Compatriot Joe Ware

Compatriot Harry Long


Officer Reports: President Rohrbough asked for the Officer Reports.

A.     Registrar/Secretary: Compatriot Harcourt reported the status of membership and noted that we have several new members to induct. He noted that the Chapter Newsletter was late and would send the electronic version out shortly. It would provide the new location for the Chapter Meeting. Compatriot Harcourt provided a “call lists” to each attendee.

B.     Treasurer: Compatriot Higginson handed out the Financial Report.

C.  ROTC: Compatriot Snyder reported that his committee has identified 33 high schools participating. He has 14 committee members to be recognized at the September Chapter Meeting. He continues to look for more members to participate in the program.


Old Business:

A. Chapter Meeting Place: President Rohrbough noted that the Committee had approved a new location for all future Chapter Meetings; the new site is Aldino’s Italian Restaurant located at the Vineyard, Blanco & Loop 1604. (Closed)

B.   Site for Executive Committee (EC) Meetings – President Rohrbough noted that the Lion and Rose Pub would be our meeting place for future EC Meetings. Attendees agreed that this was a nice place to eat with good food and many menu choices. (Closed)

C. Status of Accounting for TXSSAR Annual Meeting – Jay Higginson reported that the final financial report had been sent to Jim Jones (Treasurer for TXSSAR). (Closed)

D. Status of Chapter Budget (2007) – Jay Higginson reported that the Budget had been reviewed at the June EC Meeting; he gave an update as of this meeting noting that the Chapter is in good financial standing. (Open)

E.   Induction of New Members – George Harcourt confirmed that we have four new members to induct at the September Chapter Meeting on September 26th. They are Compatriots Rueben Perez, Charles Rogers, John Baines and Lee Oliver. He noted that we have other inductions pending for Devin and Dustin Oliver (Lee Oliver’s sons) and for Peter Baron (in October). (Open)

F.   Patriot Ancestor Letters – President Rohrbough reminded the Committee that Compatriot Bowles still seeking Patriot Ancestor Letters from Chapter Compatriots. (Open)

G. Certificates for Members Supporting State Meeting: President Rohrbough reported that all Certificates of Appreciation had been given or sent to participating members as of the June Chapter Meeting. (Closed)

H. Report on Participation in Fiesta (for 2008): President Rohrbough noted that Compatriot Ed Heath had met with the Fiesta Staff to learn about the possibility of the Chapter participating in Fiesta.  However, since he was absent; no report could be provided. (Open)


New Business: 

A.  Speaker for Chapter Meeting: President Rohrbough reported that Col Ken Allard, USA (Ret) and Military Analyst for MSNBC would be our speaker for the September 26th Meeting.  President Rohrbough asked that the Committee make calls promoting attendance at the Chapter Meeting since we have a new location (Aldino’s) and we have a very dynamic speaker. (Closed)


B.  Programs for Remaining Chapter Meetings (Fall 2007) (Open)

  • October – Fire Chief Charles Hood  (Will bring selectees for Fire Safety and EMS Awards)
  • November – TX Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson
  • December - Election of Officers; no speaker.


Other Business:

  • Joint Meeting of SAR/DAR Holiday Meeting, Dec 1st (San Antonio CC). President Rohrbough asked for ideas for providing some musical entertainment. He noted that Compatriot Higginson has agreed to provide play the piano providing some holiday music during the luncheon. (Open)
  • Compatriot Joe Ware noted we need to reconsider the cost of our luncheons; now $20 starting at the September Meeting. He noted that the increase from $17 per person might detract from attendance. Following discussions, the Committee agreed to stay with our new fee and track attendance. (Closed)
  • Compatriot Harry Long suggested that we give an Award to Compatriot John Knoblesdorf for his service as Editor of the Webpage. The motion carried. (Closed)


Adjournment: President Rohrbough adjourned the meeting at 1:10 PM.




Frank Rohrbough, Recorder